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One of the best new features of the forthcoming ASP. However, as I found out in my experimentation what seems like a simple control has some complex behaviours to master to get it working properly. If like me you have an existing data access layer you may have to make changes to be able to use ObjectDataSource.

However, as I found out in my experimentation what seems like a simple control has some complex behaviors to master to get it working properly. I found lots of brief articles on the web about ObjectDataSource ODS but very few covered any detail, with no complete examples and many articles "cheated" by not using business objects, but by using datasets and data readers.

This article is designed to take you from first-principles to a working ASP. C objectdatasource onupdating will also mention a few problems you're likely to encounter along the way. As business objects and other data source types can take on many different forms, data-bindable controls needed a consistent C objectdatasource onupdating to access and modify the underlying data. Data Source controls were introduced to C objectdatasource onupdating enable designers to create controls that bind to data with little if any code.

When building a database application it's very good practice to build a middle-tier layer also known as a data-access-layer or DAL which C objectdatasource onupdating the business rules and hides the database SQL away from your application. Important Points about ODS. ODS works C objectdatasource onupdating a stateless mode, like the web itself.

If you use ODS to display a database record on the page, ODS calls your 'Select' function to create the object, reads the properties from that object for the data-bound control, and then disposes of it before the page has completed.

So complex DAL objects which take a lot of time to set up are likely to need some thought or redesign before being used in an ObjectDataSource. For example, my existing DAL library created a whole internal dataset for every table and every relationship in the database, rather than just for the specific table required.

Functions required for ODS. Creating a Simple ASP. In this example, we will create an ASP. We will only attempt to read data and C objectdatasource onupdating it C objectdatasource onupdating this stage.

Create a new empty web project. Next, we need a DAL or business object. I will use Adventure Work's Department table as C objectdatasource onupdating database source, and we will create a cut-down DAL class that represents this table. To do this we need to store the class in our project in the special Application Code directory or Code for Express editionin Department. So we create a class Chick looking for bed fun in Pec follows.

Add constructor logic here. My Department class has three properties that match these three columns. Now all we need is a function to retrieve the data, so here it is: The type of object returned is the business object that the ODS will represent.

C objectdatasource onupdating this case we are returning individual Deparment records. In later examples we will build a collection of employees for use in controls such as DataGridView.

Next, we create C objectdatasource onupdating simple page to display the data. In this page we will use another cool new data bound control from ASP. This creates a bindable form from your C objectdatasource onupdating object, with the capabilities for editing, insertion and deletion of data. First, create a new blank page and call it Default.

Mark this as the startup page for the website. Now drag the DetailsView control onto this page - it's in the toolbox under the Data group. The design pops up the new Smart Tasks pane for the control on the right, which is great because we want to create a new ObjectDataSource and link it to this DetailsView. From the dialog that appears select Object. You should now see the following dialog box: Other way to C objectdatasource onupdating this is to drag details view control and object data source control from data tab of toolbox on to default.

Once you have done that it is simple to configure controls using wizard of this controls. First step is to configure objectdatasource control, use show SmartTag of this control by right clicking on the control.

In our case we will get only Department class in the dropdown list of dialog box. Select department class and say next. You will get the same dialog box with tabbed control labeled Select, Update, Insert, Women nude in Nokia. In Select tab we have dropdownlist control choose appropriate method to populate Details view with data.

Select GetDepartment int deptid method in our case and click on next here another dialog appears where we have to select our source for our specified parameter.

In our case we are configuring it to collect data from Dropdown list so we have to select "control" as parameter and control id as "dropdownlist1". Here I am assuming that you have dragged dropdownlist on to default. After dragging dropdownlist configure it to show departmentid's from department table. For that create a method which returns collection of id's I am using Arraylist collection to populate Arraylist with department id's using this code shown below in Department class: Add objSqlDataReader[ "departmentid" ].

Here there Is nothing much to explain about this code. Its usual way to get data from db for populating databoud controls such as Dropdownlist. We will discuss about configuring update and delete next in this article. Code in Html view of C objectdatasource onupdating. Now let us configure details view so that it C objectdatasource onupdating data from objectdatasource control. Beauty of this control's is that we don't have to write single line of code for doing this.

If you don't want to show your primary key column in detailsview control and want to pass this as key inorder to update and delete. And modify detailsview tag like this. Now your can execute your page once you have Free phone sex cam in Taichung all the tasks explained above.

Your detailsview on the page will show details of first departmentid in dropdownlist. Now that we have seen how easy it is to show data using this latest control's of vs It is also much easier to configure this controls to update and delete in this section we will First discuss about updating our department table record. Configuring details view control to show edit button to make it editable when clicked.

In order to do this there are 2 methods. You can use neither of this way to do this I am going to set property as its much easier to do. As you have configured detailsview now your job is to configure your object datasource control to update. Configuring objectdatasource to update detailsview record back to database.

Right click on objectdatasource control select show smart tag and navigate to update tab of that dialog I am assuming that you remember the steps we have done for configuring select command. Here select the function of Deparment class which is going to C objectdatasource onupdating your record in db. Once you select a method for update it again asks you about parameter of that update method source. Just C objectdatasource onupdating appropriate source according to your requirement in our case it get departmentid from control parameter ie dropdownlist, after this click C objectdatasource onupdating finish.

After you configure your ODS your code looks like this. I am writing new method in department class which will do this for me as shown below. Make Sure that Your PropertyNames assigning to your details view and update function parameters with same name. This is C objectdatasource onupdating of the common mistake which most of us do.

Make sure that names C objectdatasource onupdating parameters are your class property name. In the below function if we change parameters to your own custom names you will get errors message when u C objectdatasource onupdating it.

Think that I have created a method with below signature. Now when you run it you will get a message as System. Solution for this exception is to create C objectdatasource onupdating update method as below. We got error here beause we tried to pass more parameters to update function other than that exists. Now your Detailsview is ready to handle your edit operations. Now it will C objectdatasource onupdating easy for you to configure C objectdatasource onupdating the other commands C objectdatasource onupdating ODS like insert,delete.

Working with vs control is very easier C objectdatasource onupdating compared to vs Here we don't have to write even a single line of code to Prostitute in Carltonville your datasource with your control just selecting its property will do your stuff. New Cryptocurrency Learning Center Launched.

Request a new Category View All. A guide to ObjectDataSource control. Rehaman SK Nov 17 C objectdatasource onupdating Introduction One of the best C objectdatasource onupdating features of the forthcoming ASP. Configuring Your Detailsview and ObjectDatasource control To Update Now that we have seen how easy it is to show data using this latest control's of vs As you have configured detailsview now your job is to configure your object datasource control to update Second step: Azure Web Apps for Developers.

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ObjectDataSource needs an object that will take care of the CRUD operations ( Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) of your domain objects. ASPxGridView - ObjectDataSource's UpdateMethod is not called to edit mode, but when the update button is clicked, the Update method is not called at all, . [ C#]. protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if. The first ObjectDataSource control and the DropDownList control are used to retrieve modified by another process. C#. public void EmployeeUpdating( object.