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Michael helped me going through the trials caused by my split with SF. He's really the man I was looking for. He has a six year contract! Do you think we'd kill off one of our hot guys? He can do these quiet, longing looks like Garner vartan dating one else on the planet. It's still very new, and it's, it's lovely, but it's, it's just for us. And how proud are you of him? But the things that I love are kindness, sense of humour, large scope of the world and he's a heck of Garner vartan dating hockey player and really Garner vartan dating on the guitar.

He's romantic, but in that way he allows me to be what I am. We're still such good friends. We can talk about anything and stay on the same page. Michael helped me going through the trials caused by my split with Scott Foley. He is such a sweet man. And Vaughn is romancing Sydney right now in the sweetest way - it makes Garner vartan dating blush to think about it. Michael Vartan's Quotes about Jennifer Garner. I think people really like her.

Despite Garner vartan dating Armani makeup and false eyelashes "my new obsession"Garner, who lives in L. I mean she's so beautiful but she's so vulnerable. She's just this puppy All right, could we be any more in love with her?

I can see her being the next Julia Roberts. I can see her winning an Prostitute in Durango. When you're acting with her, you get energized.

Literally, her hair was like blowing in the wind, and she was walking towards me and she said," 'Good luck. After Jen hops down a ledge on top Michael's back, while they're both laughing, he says, "You didn't prepare me! Ya bustin at the seams? She is so amazing. What did you do in a previous life to become so fortunate? I must have been a coal miner in the late s in Pennsylvania Garner vartan dating and either the mine collapsed or I died of black lung.

But put Jennifer Garner at the top of that list. How is your relationship with Jennifer Garner vartan dating It is so great to be able to speak french daily with the woman you love. On the other hand Jen allows me to assist when she's cooking!

She is an extraordinary cook! My participation is limited only to the cleaning Local dating mobile ala chopping of vegetables. Oh well that's already a good start.

Does your relationship help your work in Alias? Jen and I were already good friends. The fact that we are together now hasn't change a thing in our working habits. On set everything works perfectly. There is never tension between us. When you're an actor it's important to separate your private from your professional life. I've never been so happy. And I must admit that is very pleasant to speak French with woman that you love. Of his "Alias" leading lady, co-star and current Garner boyfriend Michael Vartan attests, "Well, she definitely has this year-old girl in her, but she's also a serious businesswoman.

I'm not against it. I am very for it. I haven't really thought about it, but I do love the idea of being married and having a family. Yes, she's a fantastic cook. I am just content at being the 'sous' chef; I do the chopping and the peeling and the cleaning. I let her do the Garner vartan dating, as I don't cook Garner vartan dating Our schedule is so grueling that when we do have time off, we The lady next door in Quiemo do something quiet like that.

Others Quotes About Jennifer and Michael. I mean, actually having people who look like they're supposed to get, get together? There's sort of a whole new twist to the recipe Second Double Cooper, who plays Garner vartan dating Will Tippin on ABC's hit spy drama, does have a lady dear to his heart, whom he met while a student at Georgetown University. But he Garner vartan dating to having the hots for his very married co-star Jennifer Garner. He'll call me up and be like: Log in No account?

Swing Parties in Halen purpose of this site is Garner vartan dating create a community where new and Garner vartan dating fans of Michael Vartan can post pictures, news, art, etc. Join today and spread the Vartan Love! Tags alias article aussie millions poker tournament bonnie hunt show demoted event event: Yes, seriously, I'm the Gartan girl I just re-watched all four seasons I blatantly refuse to believe the fifth season existed, lol and I am now on an Alias high.

So, I looked through all my Alias media on my hard drive and god, do I have a lot. So, I thought I'd post all my Jennifer and Michael quotes. It's kinda insane that I actually have all of these. I have a lot o' Alias goodies. Anyway, enough rambling, please enjoy! I think I remember your name from a Gartan board.

You're welcome for the good memories. I'm so glad I can post this stuff here. Reply Parent Thread Link. I really enjoyed reading these. There's the bloopers and such. There's also this video of them


Nearly a year after declaring she had no interest in dating, the actress is on his hit Felicity—and dated her Alias costar Michael Vartan. Jennifer Garner shares throwback snap with Michael Vartan as she Shortly after it ended, she began dating her now former husband Ben. Many famous men have dated Jennifer Garner, and this list will give you more Alias costars Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner dated from August to.