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The official money in Paraguay is the Guarani. You get over 6, thousand guarani for one euro. So with euros, you have about 1. I was an instant millionaire in Asuncion! But my fortune was only worth the minimum wage. On the other hand, I was indeed a real millionaire, from the point of view of the lady in the street selling lottery tickets. With my million and a half in my pocket, I just felt living the life of a millionaire! As we returned to the apartment on my second evening in Asuncion, my couch surfing host, Princesa, told me that we were in the middle of the red zone of Asuncion.

I heard later that sex business is high in Asuncion and in Paraguay in general. Girls to fuck in Asuncion was walking on her side, two blocks from the house and then realized that we were surrounded by brothels, one next to the other, and many others in the surroundings. We were a few blocks from the district center, banks, elegant restaurants and bars, a few blocks from the Government Palace and political center, with brothels Girls to fuck in Asuncion around.

On the third evening, Princesa had a Naked clewiston girls in Aland with friends and coworkers. I was getting a bit bored in the apartment. I was intrigued by the brothels. I had never been in any before. I went to a few cabarets and eccentric night clubs with a few prostitutes Girls to fuck in Asuncion, but never a latino brothel.

I was in the middle of them. The ethnologist in me started to get impatient. What else is Girls to fuck in Asuncion do here, anyway!

I did not want to go to get sex. I wanted to discover this universe in all its details. I explained to her my interest in talking with the Girls to fuck in Asuncion and learning about them. I invited her to come with me. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally agreed to join me. It was 20h00 or 21h00 when we left. My host had pointed out a few brothels just two blocks from the apartment. It was a safe area. I was only caring on me what I needed for the evening.

We walked down the street Girls to fuck in Asuncion blocks, passed two brothels, turned around the right corner and stopped at one that had dirty blue walls. Three women were standing at the door. We only want to come in, share a few drinks, chat and have fun. Can we come in? We entered in a long hallway. Back there was an inside patio, with a toilet and the rooms.

It was an old Spanish style house, needing a bit of maintenance. That was the bar. They had two sofas, one on the right, the other on the left, two or three wooden chair, a bar Sexy nymphos in Waco a small table with a small radio cd player.

I went to the wooden bar and ordered three beers to share and two whisky and coke for two girls who asked. There were six or seven of them. She was ready to have a great time with the visitors from foreign. She is the one who welcomed us. Her name was Soledad and one could see on her face and in her eyes Toseland dating years of Girls to fuck in Asuncion and loneliness. Her name suited her well.

They also called her Sol, shorter for Soledad, but also another name — sun — that also suited her at that moment. Her face was radiant.

She was happy indeed. The Princesa — not my host, but another princess — was sitting on the sofa on my left, kind of sitting on her own.

She was very young — 20 — and had beautiful eyes and smile. She was being very shy, hiding her teeth so that we could not see that she had lost a front tooth because of an infection. She told me that she was having regular visits to the dentist nearby — guarani per visit — and soon she will get a Girls to fuck in Asuncion. The bridge was not cheap and she Girls to fuck in Asuncion saving for it. I was glad to see that she was taking good care of herself.

I liked her right away. She was pretty, small and a bit shy. Sol would become a good friend, answering honestly my questions and offering me her protection. She was an important figure in her team, maybe the head one.

She was definitely a leader. I found it funny to have a Princesa in each universe, just two blocks one from the other. La Princesa Girls to fuck in Asuncion was next to the radio and became the DJ of the night. She was scanning through the radio stations stopping when finding a good dancing tune. They all shared a few more heavy drinks, we chatted and danced. My goal was to find out basic information about their life and to make new friends. The place was really not very busy. The owner, as they called him, came to check if we were all right.

He was very friendly and respectful. We spent 2 or 3 hours there. I spent near 30 euros, but I did not mind. I was a millionaire, remember!! I invited Sol y Nancy for lunch the next day. A few were getting drunk. Their whisky and coke was really strong. I went to bed — a thin mattress on the floor — very late and very exhausted.

I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. This would be the rhythm that we would follow all week. When I left Asuncion after 7 days, I was physically exhausted, needing a few days to rest and recover in a calm and quiet place. I also spent twice as much money as I had planned. She got closer to the girl and stopped talking to me about herself. Both of them were like adolescents, chatting about men and spending the day on the computer.

But I was a bit bored at the house, listening to them chatting and laughing while I was smoking too many cheap cigarettes on the veranda. As promised, I returned to the brothel the next day with my French companion and we invited two of the girls for lunch, Sol and Nancy. They took us a block away to a popular restaurant where they eat a few times a week.

They ordered a plate of pasta and chicken and we got the usual French fries and tiny salad. It cost us about 16 Euros all with a large bottle of coke and four bars of chocolate. In the following three day, I went a few times to the brothel to have a couple of beers and chat. They were wearing the earrings. I also invited Nancy to a nightclub evening and gave her a bit of cash — 20 Euros — to compensate for her absence from work.

I learnt that they charge 40, Guarani for a pass, about 6. The girls generally spend the day doing absolutely nothing, waiting for clients. They seat down and chat. Three of them were renting a room at the Girls to fuck in Asuncion, paying a monthly rent and all paid a commission to Girls to fuck in Asuncion owner Girls to fuck in Asuncion each pass.

Most of them said that they went to school until 13 or 14 years old and that they could read and write. But none of them had ever read an entire book, and they had never read anything since they left school.

They had to go to a medical checkup every month for blood test and full body check. The use of condom was mandatory. A 20 years-old girl had 2, another one — 22 — had four children. I doubt that any of them were getting enough clients to earn the minimum wage of Euros per month, 1.

They were wearing simple clothing, although a bit eccentric, colorful and sexy as required for their job, the kind of cloth you get for cheap at the city market. They never got any visit from a social worker and none of them were aware of any possible type of social help or professional formation that they could benefit from. One of them was having a treatment — free of charge — in a rehabilitation center not far from there to get rid of her crack addiction.


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