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Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Sexual Perception of Young Lebanese Students. Sexuality among youth has been a largely discussed and controversial issue across the world. It is a subject that interested and puzzled mankind since the Lebanese sex 18 of history, namely, the way people conceive sexuality and practice it. Throughout the centuries, after Adam and Eve, sexuality has evolved, especially that of young people.

Critical events have had a hand in shaping the history of sexual knowledge and practices among them. The entertainment field, movies, theater, art, music and journalism exposed a fully liberate sexual freedom and practices first seen in Europe [1].

Likewise, a national crisis that occurred in France Sex chat online andhra girls May was intended for sexual liberation.

It brought a change of behavior among the people, shaping new models in sexuality-related beliefs and practices. This sexual revolution was a social movement from the s until the s. It included increased acceptance of sex outside the traditional heterosexual, monogamous relationships. Public nudity, premarital sex, homosexuality, contraception and usage of pills, as well as abortion, were normalized [3]. It allowed women to be in control of their pregnancies and created a feeling of freedom.

The sexual revolution of young women benefited men equally, by lowering the risk of accidental pregnancies and unwanted fatherhood [4]. Nowadays, in the United States, 46 percent of high school students and 62 percent of high schools seniors have had sexual intercourse. Teen sexuality begins almost at the same age in the industrialized Lebanese sex 18, depending on socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity, family structure, life and education aspirations.

Sexual activity is a natural process for building future healthier relationships, postponing marriage and unwanted pregnancies [5]. In Lebanon and the Arab countries, premarital sex is forbidden by most cultures because of conservative societies and backgrounds. Lebanese sex 18 women apparently were violating their family and society rules and codes.

They were judged by the media by doing drugs and having sex in the tents [7]. It involves religion practices and beliefs supported by conservative societies. How could she become a consistent, active, autonomic family member if her voice is never heard? Many studies have been done in the Middle East, considering sex as a taboo and forbidden subject.

The cause is mainly the lack of sexual education and the prevalence of religious and social norms. The purpose of the study is to encompass conceptions on sexuality among young Lebanese men and women, as well as contradictions between their sexual beliefs and practices based on their gender, demographics and social pressure. This study examines the influence of demographics and genders among a group of Lebanese university students, from public and private universities, as well as the fluctuation of sexual beliefs and practices.

Young Lebanese adolescents do not always have the same views neither the same patterns of sexual behaviors between men and women.

Education and awareness are the keys to a healthy sexual life [9]. Problems arise when they learn about it, the way they receive their sexual education, the acceptance and refusal of differences between genders, beliefs and practices.

What happens when premarital sex is forbidden by the family and the society? What are the motives of the family that help shape the sexual life of the youth? We respected the ethics and value of the clinical research by enhancing knowledge deriving from the research. We implemented a rigorous methodology for scientific validity, integrity and consistency. Subjects have their privacy protected at all time of the study.

In assessment and interpretation, we followed the practical international guidance principles. We insured social value by determining our local community from which our participants are enrolled. The importance of the study would be to develop new questionings about youth sexuality in Lebanon and to be extended to the Arab countries.

It would have a greater social value if results and interpretations are translated in Arabic language. It could be distributive within Lebanese sex 18 community as an additional significant resource for sexual education among youth. The root of the study arises from the contradiction between beliefs and practices in Lebanese sex 18 sexual life before marriage. The proposed methodology principle is followed.

The data was collected through a qualitative questionnaire of 18 questions. Some of the questions were drawn from the WHO site example. The questionnaire was not validate. A total of students have accepted to participate in the study.

They were selected from different majors such as engineering, medicine, accounting and business, architecture, nursing, physiotherapy, literature, law, advertising and marketing, science, human resources, interior design, computer science, and psychology.

We took them from different disciplines to sufficiently preserve optimal diversity within the collected data required for subsequent analysis. They completed the questionnaire voluntarily and received no remuneration.

They were informed about the purpose of the study, and that their responses would be confidential and anonymous. The questions 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, 14, 15 and 16 are inquiring about relationships and engaging in an active sexuality before marriage. The questions 4, 5 and 6, are related to family and social pressure, depending on demographics and backgrounds.

The Lebanese sex 18 questions 8, 9, Lebanese sex 18, 11, 12 and 13, raise the main issue of virginity in Lebanon. Lebanese men prefer Lebanese sex 18 marry a virgin girl, reason why women who had premarital sex to hymenoplasty. Talking about sexuality without prejudice, with acceptance of their Lebanese sex 18, practice and problems they encounter. Data were collected through a questionnaire of eighteen questions, by a web- linked form and printed ones.

The research timeline started in May and ended in December Before analyzing the data, we used a technique to Lebanese sex 18 the accuracy and the reliability of the extracted information. It consists of deleting inputs having a Lebanese sex 18 number of questions without answers. Therefore, the results presented are done using all of the vectors of answers.

Data were coded and processed into SPSS, a statistical package system. The data were explored both for their descriptive statistics i. Results were analyzed and summarized, in order to draw conclusions and make recommendations. The sample, young Lebanese university students, was chosen randomly from different universities.

The questionnaire was answered by a total of young Lebanese university students, females and males. The female population of Lebanese sex 18 sample is They come from different religions Christian, Muslim, Druze and Other. The demographic distribution of the sample is shown in see Table 1.

Lebanese sex 18 classify the questions by themes, and Lebanese sex 18 the similarities and contradictions between beliefs and practices. The null and alternative hypotheses are as followed:. By default, the null hypothesis is valid. It represents the probability of incorrectly reject the null hypothesis H 0. They are responding Lebanese sex 18 a natural sexual impulse, allowing Lebanese sex 18 in their life with acceptance of equality between genders.

They are prepared to. Demographic distribution of the sample. Theme 1 questions and the percentage distribution of the obtained answers. The answers to the first set of questions show anon-conformity with the social and demographic pressure and an openness of the new generations. Similarly, it shows more permissiveness in flirting. Even though, parts of the negative answers were significantly linked to understanding the rules of prohibited sex question number 2: The relationship between both questions is moderate.

Also, an important significance is showed in the percentage between beliefs and practice: The correlation between questions 3 and 7 regarding virginity is moderate and shows a Comparing beliefs and practice we find that The lower percentage of positive answers Answering YES by belief It is important to note the highest positive answers were in Mount-Lebanon while in Beirut was medium, and in the North and the South we had a value Lebanese sex 18 2.

Likewise, the positive answers of the girls were much lower than the Lebanese sex 18, showing a more conservative position of girls. Table 3 shows the obtained results after running a paired T-test on Lebanese sex 18 questions of Theme 1. Questions 4, 5 and 6 are related to family and social pressure, depending on Lebanese sex 18 and backgrounds see Table 4. Paired sample T-test results: Theme 2 questions and the percentage distribution of the obtained answers.

Lebanese sex 18 small percentage of answers in belief NO For questions 4 and 5, the differentiation of gender arises, involving feelings of shame and fear, Lebanese sex 18 inner Lebanese sex 18 within oneself, and confusion between feelings and reality. Questions 5 and 6 show the equality between genders regarding virginity.

Most of the population will not engage in pre-marital sexual relationships 5. Table 5 shows the obtained results after running a paired T-test on the questions of Theme 2.

Q4 is moderate; Q5 and Q6 is strong see Table 5. The following questions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, raise the main issue of virginity in Lebanon see Table 6. Lebanese men prefer to marry a girl who has abstained from sex until marriage, the main reason why women who have had premarital sex do a hymen restorative surgery.

Questions number 8, 9, 10 and 11, addressed to girls only, about virginity and flirting before marriage Girls should remain virgins until marriage; Is the virginity the flag bearer of the honor of the girl and the family; the hymen is the.


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