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I visited the Tri-City for a day where I took the opportunity to visit one of the local clubs. The Eden is still there Club Eden, Gdyniaul Kapitanska 13, When trying to find it on your own, please be aware that it doesnt advertise on the street. The entrance is hard to spot, set back from the street in an 30th style villa with a garden.

You need to ring the bell not labeled. Taxi drivers in Gdynia will generally know the place and lead you in when you are arrive to collect Zloty reward from the guy at the entrance. Taxi drivers in Sopot or Gdansk will probably not know it. Some 5 Taxi minutes from Gdynia city center, some minutes from Sopot Naked amatuer women in Gdynia from Gdansk.

They charge a small entrance fee 20 Zloty to keep lurkers away, price for one hour is Zloty. So effectively unchanged from the reported earlier. The general setup is classical which is rare nowadays. A bar and a small living room, where you can make yourself comfortable before going upstairs with a girl. Rooms are small but clean, there is the opportunity to Naked amatuer women in Gdynia a shower.

Prices are all inclusive, the girls don't expect to be tipped which doesn't mean you can't do it. I was there on a Tuesday at 10pm being the only customer at the time. Only girls where there at the time. None spoke english unfortunately. Some of the girls are polish, some ukrainian. Seeing no girl that would drive me hot on sight I opted for a pretty voluptuous Ukrainian girl for two hours all the others where all rather slim which didn't speak english.

If you want something special in Russia don't go for the obviously pretty ones, take one of the bigger girls. All in all a decent experience, place is run nicely, not a rip off place, they obviously rely on local customers, Couple looking for sex tonight in Canopy of girls varies with day of week. I stayed a couple of days in Gdansk and I checked just 3 places 1.

EDEN Night club few 6 girls sitting around a Naked amatuer women in Gdynia bar no strip the boss is very friendly Artur but really huge found there OLA Alexandra that really worth a session 1 hour means no limits fucking the condom is normally mandatory for BJ but I plan to come this year to Gdansk and Gdynia. I need some imformation about night life in this two cities. I'm good looking young guy - and I hope also one some Naked amatuer women in Gdynia romance!

What's your recomendation about discos, are girls easy going, what about prices and what about excelent night clubs with sex on menu card -! Do you have also some recomendation about girls-friendly hotels, appartments or pesions? Do the girls provide also that service? Posting Naked amatuer women in Gdynia this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the extra blank spaces before commas and periods.

To avoid delays Naked amatuer women in Gdynia future reports, please Naked amatuer women in Gdynia not add a blank space in front of commas and periods.

I will go to Gdansk in mid-october for a longer weekend. As I won't have the opportunity to hang out in bars or actively search for providers, I would like to have the "pizza" delivered to my hotelroom. When doing some research on the internet, I came accross Naked amatuer women in Gdynia site: The prices seem to be very fair. Are they real offers or bargaining start-points?

What would an entire night cost me with a chick in Gdansk? I stayed in the Hotel Gydnia 3 star for a couple of nights during a 3 night Naked amatuer women in Gdynia in Gdynia.

From 6 onwards the bar area was frequented by a few older workers sitting alone or in small groups. From 10 onwards, younger girls twenties went to the night club downstairs and sat around the bar or at small tables.

It's very easy and relaxed. I picked a 29 year old Ukrainian who promised me mins. I didn't bargain which I should perhaps have done because I hate discussing money. I discretely showed her my room key after I finished my drink and went to my room. She came up 10 mins. She seemed in a bit of a hurry and wouldn't take off her top or bra so I had to struggle a bit to savour her breasts. I was really horny and came easily as I expected a decent stay.

However, she went and got washed, changed and said goodnight. All in all 22 mins.!!!! I was ripped off in the sense she lied to me but I enjoyed her to the full for the short time I had her and the meeting in the bar was fun. No regrets as I was on expenses but if I had been paying for this myself, I would have been a bit pissed off.

Do you think that your are the first man for that lady. Or do you think that they are stupid. If you are that easy, you ask for that behavior. You can only blame yourself. Dear Tonnie, As I said, I had no regrets. I live in the Netherlands and am used to working girls in clubs and hotels in the main respecting their clients and giving value for money and not simply doing as Naked amatuer women in Gdynia as possible for as much as possible.

If I pay for a service, I expect to get that service. After all, if I buy a car from a garage, I don't expect it to break down the next day. Is the service provided by a Naked amatuer women in Gdynia girl any Naked amatuer women in Gdynia Maybe that's my naivity. Bargaining, I have found, often brings resentment and the girls feel cheapened and give a worse performance. I was just reading the report on Eden night club written by Gabriel Pontello and can only say: I notice the report was written in Oct and Gabriel had established a good relationship with the owner and the girls.

Not everyone can be so fortunate as to establish that kind of kind of rapport, especially on the first visit. My experience at the club was terrible. On the night I visited, there were three Belarussian girls and one Polish one. Two of the four girls were very good looking I would rate them 7s and I selected a 23yo Belarussian girl by the name of Ola what a coincidence. Ola was tall, blonde with an attractive face.

Ola's performance in the bedroom was atrocious. She was not cooperative in any way. When you ask a girl for a simple thing and she acts like she does not understand, it becomes a turn-off real quickly. The massage was short and lacking technique. There was zero chemistry and the session quickly degenerated into "give me a blow Naked amatuer women in Gdynia and get me out of here".

I was dressed and out of the place in thirty minutes annd that includes taking a shower. I don't care how big and threating the boss is: On the way out I told him he should send Ola back to Belarussia Slut in Ilheus that charging zl for that performance was equivalent to robbing a bank.

One bad punt does not a bad locale make. I could Naked amatuer women in Gdynia just gotten unlucky and the next guy might get a once in a lifetime experience. Still, that such a thing is allowed to happen raises questions regarding the management even more than the girls. It is lucidly clear to me that Naked amatuer women in Gdynia was not making any concerted effort and was using the excuse of not speaking English as a pretext for not doing her job.

There are other clubs in the Gdinya area Bodega and one other whose name escapes me. I would take a look at those before Eden. According to the search on both sites there are just a few of the working ones around. I will look forward to have one delivered to my Hotel and therefore do not want to run into any surprises for a whole evening.

Thanks guys in advance for any experience you can Naked amatuer women in Gdynia with me. Ended up in Gdynia recently, and being taken to Club Mix in Gdynia. Assured by taxi driver this was the best in the region, a lie of such outrageous proportion I won't add anything more. Sit in a lounge like area where girls are meant to approach you. Ended up spunking a fortune on booze, and taking Tina back to my hotel.

Brothel taxi was twice the going rate 50zl back to Sopot and the hour with tina really not all that. In contrast I've had some great past times in Gdansk's cabaret evan. Essenhtially a 'cabaret' though all the girls appear to be happy to be taken away. I've always been quoted zl there. Steep, but a worthy price. Can I remember names? Hi guys, I had a meeting with Ada, from Gdansk, found in www.

But she is very cold, and speaks only polish. AldoCiao Aldo, As I can see the girl you tried is http: Perfect body, beautiful face.


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