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Did you click on this page expecting to be titillated by erotic tales and salacious images? If you did, I have one thing to say to you …. However, if you do have a genuine interest in what happens in a Swedish sauna, then this is the place for you.

It was only when I left the UK that I started to get an inkling into the delights of saunas. As mentioned above, it was in Germany that I first experienced saunas done properly. I could spend hours in a spa wandering from sauna to sauna — each one hotter than the last — pouring water on the coals to create steam, building up my tolerance to the heat and the steam penetrating my pores and diving under a cold shower or taking time out by sitting in a warm pool whenever it got too much.

Because to sauna in Germany you need to get naked. I Naked sauna for couple in Sweden almost feel the waves of horror and cringing from British and American readers coming down the cyber-waves, the repulsion is that strong. I found some interesting and relevant posts. I also found a lot of posts of the type the people I addressed in my first paragraph were looking for. Some of them were quite interesting too.

Comments tended to be anti rather than pro naked mixed saunas and the reasons given fell into several broad categories. This is because our cultural upbringing has conditioned us to associate nudity with sex. When you travel you have to be prepared for cultural norms to differ to those Naked sauna for couple in Sweden are used to.

Attitudes differ from place Naked sauna for couple in Sweden place and that includes attitudes to nudity. Saunas are a way of life in Scandinavia. Many people, particularly in the north, have a sauna at home. Many of the STF huts along the Kungsleden have saunas.

And why would you want to avoid experiencing something that is so integral to the culture of the country you are travelling in? The best saunas are the traditional wood-fired ones. In buildings, such as a hotel or hostel, the sauna will usually be electric. Cooling off in an indoor sauna usually involves standing under a shower, whereas the wood-fired saunas are more likely to be found beside a lake which you can jump into to cool off.

Although I had several saunas in Sweden this summer whilst I was walking the Kungsleden trail, only one was the traditional sort. This was so wonderful it has now spoilt all other saunas for me. For the first time I decided to stay in a hut rather than camp.

The sauna was in a wooden hut at the side of the lake. It was on for a few hours each evening. The first hour was a men only session and this was followed by a women only session. After these segregated sessions it was opened up to everyone. Just inside the door is the changing area with a bench and hooks for hanging clothes on.

I removed my clothes yes, all of Naked sauna for couple in Sweden and moved into the middle part of the hut which had Prostitute in Debrecen couple of long benches lined with buckets and bowls of water.

This is the washing area. The sauna itself is at the far end of the hut through a wooden door. The conversation was lively and animated. Arms and legs were stretched, sweat dripped, faces looked flushed. Everyone was completely comfortable and relaxed.

We could have been sat around a table in a bar or coffee shop well, except for the dripping sweat part. Every few minutes someone would use the scoop to pour water from a bucket over the coals of the woodburner in the corner. The flames of the woodburner flickered and the steam hissed and meandered through the room. Around the outside of the woodburner was Naked sauna for couple in Sweden tank filled with water. This water had been heated by the fire to boiling temperature and Naked sauna for couple in Sweden a tap it was possible to run some of this hot water into a bowl which could then be taken to the washing area and mixed with cold water to Naked sauna for couple in Sweden a nice temperature of water to wash with.

A couple of the women went out to the lake and refilled the buckets of cold water whilst they were out there. They came back in glowing and squeezed back onto the top bench to warm up again. I wanted to try jumping in the lake, but this was the one part of the sauna ritual that scared me.

I hate being cold and jumping in an ice cold lake holds no attraction for me at all. But it had to be tried. I picked my way across the narrow strip of stony beach and walked into the lake. As the water lapped over the tops of my feet, I gasped and froze literally and figurativelyturned and ran back into the sauna. Instead of jumping in the lake, I made do with pouring cold lake water over myself in the washing area.

I shivered and went back into the sauna to warm up. The women left to wash with warm water and get dressed. I stayed in the sauna alone watching the flames start to die down. It was mesmerising watching the fire and I felt really relaxed. Now I had the sauna to myself I could stretch my legs out along the bench and lean my head against the top bench.

My eyes started to close. I was enjoying this sauna. I heard the outer door open and two male voices. As I listened to them move about, obviously removing their clothing, the American asked.

The Finnish guy took control. The Finns take their saunas even more seriously than the Swedes. He brought wood in from the pile in the washing room and got the fire stoked up. He spent quite a bit of time blowing and poking at it until the flames were roaring.

Then he poured water over the coals on the top making Naked sauna for couple in Sweden it landed near the pipe in the middle. The coals hissed and the steam billowed. The temperature steadily rose. Once he was satisfied he sat with his American friend Naked sauna for couple in Sweden we chatted.

The smell of the woodsmoke always a favourite smell of minethe steam, the flames, the intense heat. Finally I really understood what saunas were Naked sauna for couple in Sweden. The guys had told me there was a group up at the huts planning to come down to the sauna too.

As they Naked sauna for couple in Sweden and started to fill up the space I decided it was time to leave. I felt so clean and refreshed and energised. I wanted to have a sauna like this every day. And I decided I definitely want to go to Finland to Prostitute in Soledad the saunas Naked sauna for couple in Sweden. If Married but looking in Viljandi are going to an electric indoor sauna there are showers you can use before entering.

In the outdoor wood fire sauna there were buckets of water that could be used to wet yourself before entering the main part of the sauna. If you are self-critical of your body you might be embarrassed at the thought of others seeing it. In countries where having a sauna naked is the norm, the other people in Naked sauna for couple in Sweden sauna will be far more likely to notice you if you are acting coy and squirming about trying to cover yourself. In some of the more international style spas it might be acceptable or even compulsory to wear a swimsuit.

Outside of the sauna it is not the done thing to walk around naked. If this is what you think a sauna is like you have been looking at the wrong websites. Ordinary people go to the sauna, not just young super-models. The sauna will be full of people of all ages and all shapes and sizes.

Even if you have the body of a super-model you will have a bright red face from the heat. The last thing you or anyone else will think of doing is trying to pick someone up. I mentioned above feeling liberated when naked in a sauna. Or even a full set of clothes. Everyone is in their natural state and no-one is perfect.

As well, wearing a swimsuit or wrapping a towel round your body just gets uncomfortable in a really hot Naked sauna for couple in Sweden. So not feeling uncomfortable helps with that feeling of liberation too.

So if you get the chance to go to a sauna in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany or any country where saunas are taken seriously, jump at it. Let it all hang out. Have you experienced a sauna in another country? What did you think? Are there any you recommend? The night I spent in a Swedish prison Is Sweden dangerous for women? Join me in my journey to live a life less boring, one challenge at a time.

Author of the forthcoming book Naked sauna for couple in Sweden the Kungsleden: View all posts by Anne. You are the only ones who keep calling them that and I would think that the British, of all people, would know what coals are and what happens if you throw water on them… They are rocks, or stones, some types are better than others.


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