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I had originally considered visiting Mavrovo National Park but had learned that there were difficulties getting about and finding accommodation, so I opted instead for the city of Tetovo. Roughly two-thirds of the way to Skopje, the city seemed like a natural stopping point and a chance to see a little more of Macedonia.

Little did I know, visiting Tetovo would come with its fair share of surprises. My first surprise visiting Non subscription online dating in Tetovo came up almost immediately with my bus from Ohrid. I had looked up bus schedules online before leaving but was met with confusion at the bus station.

Unfortunately what he meant was that Non subscription online dating in Tetovo stopped on the highway that bypassed the city, leaving me with a 4 kilometre walk into the city. The walk into Tetovo was where I was hit with something I never expected to feel there — culture shock.

After spending nearly 2 weeks in Macedonia, who would have thought it was even possible to suddenly be struck by culture shock. Once I entered the town proper, it became immediately apparent how different Tetovo was to the other places I had visited in Macedonia.

This is because Tetovo is part of the region of Macedonia where the majority of the population is ethnic Albanian. The first thing I noticed was that the buildings were more basic, but also considerably higher.

It reminded me more of countries with muslim populations like Turkey and Morocco. I soon also realised that most of the shop signs were no longer in the Cyrillic alphabet used Prostitute in Mityana Macedonia, but were Albanian words in the Latin alphabet. But ultimately the main difference was the people.

From the way they dressed to the way people were going about their day, I could sense a cultural shift here. However, the biggest difference I felt personally was the reaction I seemed to receive. Funnily enough, Tetovo is the one place where I had taxi drivers actually avert their gaze as I neared rather than try to get a fare. The feeling of unease and of almost being unwelcome was a rough first impression.

Luckily, once I did go out sightseeing in the city I did start to feel more at ease and began to appreciate the appeal of the city. As I headed towards the nearby main square, I noticed that there were quite a few Albanian flags hanging on buildings and even occasionally fluttering out car windows. Walking into the quieter back streets, I passed men piling watermelons out of trucks, stacks of firewood being unloaded.

One of the charms of visiting Macedonia is seeing these more Non subscription online dating in Tetovo moments play out. After wandering the back streets for a while, I arrived at the Pena River which flows through the heart of Tetovo. Dating from the 16th century, the building shows an Albanian influence on the typical Islamic style. As soon as you see the mosque you realise how special it is. Originally built in the 15th century, the story goes that the construction was funded by two sisters who are buried in the Turbe the stone monument just nearby.

Visitors are welcome to enter the grounds of the Painted Mosque and come inside to see its equally beautiful interior.

The inside of the prayer room is also meticulously decorated with vibrant artwork and chandelier lights. Having the opportunity to enter the mosque, witness its beauty and have it to myself was quite a memorable moment. The monastery Non subscription online dating in Tetovo not only a religious institution, but also a cultural and educational one.

Within the walls of the Tekke, are a number of buildings in various levels of condition. These include a prayer room, kitchen, library, stables, houses and an inn.

The grounds are also quite lively with lots of trees and plants, making for a peaceful retreat from the world. When Non subscription online dating in Tetovo visited, I almost had Non subscription online dating in Tetovo place to myself except for a group of kids playing on the grass.

They all proceeded to show off their English, with some kids really surprising me. Definitely the funniest interaction I had visiting Tetovo.

My time in Tetovo had its ups and downs, plus plenty of unexpected moments. In the end, I am glad I visited Tetovo for the experience and the lesson that countries are often more diverse than we realise. Have you had the chance to visit Tetovo? Please share in the comments below. This post contains affiliate links.

If you click on one and make a booking, I may make a small commission. Of course this is at no extra cost to you. This article is now available as a mobile app. It is surprising the different responses to tourists within Non subscription online dating in Tetovo of close proximity, that can make you feel uneasy. We can totally relate to this as we had a similar experience when we cruised to Durres in Albania.

Honest post thanks for sharing! As for the mosque it looks totally unique as you say, almost like a house of playing cards, love visually decorated buildings like Non subscription online dating in Tetovo. Thanks for sharing your account.

Like you mentioned it could be from lack of tourism or cultural differences. This is surprising since you seem to visit some out of the way destinations. So glad you took the plunge and explored Tetovo. The monastery is truly gorgeous and I loved that the kids embraced English.

At least not there. There is nothing worse than walking into a room and everyone goes quiet and just stares at you! Oh yes there is… it is walking in to a strange town and everyone just stares at you! I know exactly how you felt. Thank you for your candid narration of your travels in Tetovo. I love the old buildings, it does look like a very interesting place.

I wonder what it was that made everyone react that way to your presence? Glad you at least got to see some amazing buildings and a turtle! I know Non subscription online dating in Tetovo how you feel; I have had similar experiences many years ago in Slovakia and Romania to name the two that spring to mind immediately but I put it down to cultural differences and unfamiliarity with tourists rather than any inhospitable Vacaville sluts in Bello. Still, that feeling of standing out can be uncomfortable, particularly when you wish to take some photos.

Well-written, well-researched, thought-provoking and genuinely interesting — I really enjoy your posts. It really is interesting how different places when you least expect it. Taxi drivers though never surprise me, I have had issues across the globe! Tetovo looks beautiful though — especially the mosque and monastery. Thanks for sharing on TheWeeklyPostcard. That mosque is gorgeous! I guess your experience is not different than a lot Non subscription online dating in Tetovo non touristy areas.

None the less, you still had an interesting experience. I find that kids are kids wherever you go…. Interesting to learn about Tetovo and Non subscription online dating in Tetovo that you had a different experience to the rest of the country.

Looks like a fascinating place, though. Very interesting and honest read. It would be interesting to know what prompted the cold reception. I do suppose that, while the situation was new to you, it may have been unusual for the locals, as well. It was Non subscription online dating in Tetovo odd feeling too. Thanks for sharing your journeys! Glad I could share some of my experiences from there with you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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