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Just returned from our first trip to Cuba - stayed in Cayo Guillermo. We were constantly told how poor people were, how little they earned and how getting even simple things was difficult - these messages are also echoed in this forum.

If this is the case, then how come all the cuban staff at the hotel and many Cubans we saw in Moron and Ciego de Avilla had mobile phones? How come the young Cubans in Moron and Ciego were wearing designer and branded clothes and modern branded trainers? How come the Cuban Convertible peso stores in Ciego were doing really good business on the days we visited? Just like to say well it was the Americans that increased prostitution before the revolution and then it was cleaned up.

Now with all the tourism, and all the bad stuff it brings it is an easy way to make money. Westeners flaunt our wealth and greed and it is not surprising that some people want some of the pie. Some would say Wholly manikin dating amateur in Karlsruhe giving gifts is not the right thing to do - it could cause muggings and aggressive demands.

It is making Prostitute in Ciego de Avila people dependable on us Westerners. Is that a good thing? People also have pride and don't want handouts.

If there was not a supply and demand for all the bad stuff then it would cease. Lots of large pieces of gold jewellery, and NOT just on the resorts! We went through residential areas and homes may look battered on the outside, but on the inside they are beautiful. Get of the beaten path and visit the real cuba. The village my friend grew up in is very poor. He tells us storys like, until Prostitute in Ciego de Avila was a teenager, he either didn't have any shoes, or wore pieces of rubber tire tied Keyword online dating his feet as shoes.

He gets annoyed at his children when they don't show appreciation for things. Cubans are very proud people. When you see somebody with nike sneakers and a flashy T-shirt it's probably all they have. Try drving out into the countryside. Even so when she is kitted out and goes to town she's a second Noami. She's lucky cos she's got a TV a bike. I asked ker what were the 2 things she most wanted in the world.

The second was a refrigerator. BTW the 'phones are only for show - in Cuba when you receive a call on your movil you also pay. Don't be caught out these people live in a concentration camp and apart from the multilingual taxi drivers and the jiniteras hookers most are starving. We go to Cuba twice Prostitute in Ciego de Avila year and always take stuff,just stuff. We are not stupid to think it stays with the person it was given to but who ever gets it and uses it surley thats job done.

Just a small note this time we are taking red underware for the Prostitute in Ciego de Avila lady told us they were red uniform all day but cannot match the underware,is that being picky or just like us in the developed feeling good about Prostitute in Ciego de Avila a woman? We feel gifts in this instance is more valueble then 1 or Lonely mums xxx Bivio CUCs.!!!!

Their fancy clothing labels are knock offs big time knock offscell phones are dirt cheap and likely their only source of communication as opposed to most families who have a cell phone per family member, and landline. Most people save money by living in a one bedroom with a full family. We went to visit an apartment in moron with a hotel bartender friend and were quite surprised to see that they had 11 other family members under the same roof This guy makes a killing working the bar, but he's very sensible with his earnings.

They are quite the hard working culture! I find it interesting the Cuba experts are remaining mum on this topic — or not. The real story is a well guarded secret to Prostitute in Ciego de Avila a positive flow of tourist largesse.

Regarding cell phones, these are not cheap, and annual Cubacel charge is over CUC and then each call costs. Yet there are lineups to buy the usage cards. Designer clothes and sneakers, no battery watches, extra money to get drunk.

Life expectancy equal Prostitute in Ciego de Avila any developed country in the world. Prostitute in Ciego de Avila it is a paradox. How can people live on 12 CUC a month and Prostitute in Ciego de Avila so well on this meager amount? By the way, there is sliding pay scale for various professions mostly from CUC. The storyline about getting paid only 12 CUC per month is used to garner your sympathy and collect your gifts. It is telling only half the story.

Everyone in Cuba is given well, sold for about 25 pesos — 1 CUC through their tarjeta, monthly rations of food: Not enough for a full stomach, but, as a poster said, no one is starving in Cuba and everyone does have a roof over their head. Most have television, many have fine furniture, some have air conditioning, most have fans.

Clean water is free, electricity cheap, housing is given by the state, with health care, education free. There are no taxes! Lifted from the resorts, given by tourists, sent by relatives overseas, the black market thrives. Are some of the house exteriors not up to our standards? The insides are clean. So how can they live on 12 CUC monthly? Because is a country that spreads scarce resources around.

If Cuba were richer all Cubans would be richer. The state supplies what it can: Beyond the necessary, extras, such a beer, soda, Prostitute in Ciego de Avila phones, etc are not subsidized and cost what they cost and sold in CUCs. Do you really think poor Cubans buy beer at 1 CUC?

No, they buy country beer at 20 cents a litre, local rum at 10 cents in national money. It is a paradox and it is complicated.

I make no political comment here: And no, I do not think they are rich, nor do I think they are poor. Also all the times I have visited Cuba none of the people we have met have went on about how low there wages are, Prostitute in Ciego de Avila have always found the cubans to be very pround people and not scroungers at all. Prostitute in Ciego de Avila do not understand how one can compare the poverty in a developed country such as the UK or North America to that of Cuba.

As the others have brought forth you did not see the real living conditions in Cuba. I have been three times Prostitute in Ciego de Avila although the tourist industry helps a very small Prostitute in Ciego de Avila to do better than most by far it still leaves aboutAnother issue to consider is that we have choices, yes their education system and medical system is good but for everyday things like a simple bandaid, shampoo, soap or antibiotic ointment a cap, sunblock are very hard if not impossible for the average Cuban to afford.

One would be naive to assume that any country not offering what people most want and need would be without a black Prostitute in Ciego de Avila, please, this is not a shock. I must add that the Cuban people are some of the kindest people I have Prostitute in Ciego de Avila to meet in my 49 years. If we can help, why not, we have so much, they so little. The cost of making someone's day very special in Cuba is so small.

So with a charitable heart try not to judge a population that you do not know well Looking for am orgasm friend in Maumere do I for that matter and share some joy or not. It always makes me as happy as the person receiving a simple pair of gardening gloves, a pair of stockings, childrens shoes Prostitute in Ciego de Avila sandles.

Things that we take for granted are cherished in Cuba and there is something wonderful about that. Ciego de Avila Province. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Prostitute in Ciego de Avila viewed Bookings Inbox. Things dont add up in Cuba. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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Prostitution is a way some Cubans use to get out of Cuba, having sex Central Cuba (Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Santi Spíritus, Ciego de Avila). Arrived in Ciego de Avila on a Sunday. Was planning to spend first week with the guys sharing a car, & then take a bus to Santiago the last week on my own to. Iberostar Mojito: Raw Meat and Prostitution in a Swamp! Caribbean · Cuba · Ciego de Avila Province · Jardines del Rey Archipelago · Cayo Coco · Cayo Coco.