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By Rolando Garrido Romo. The Prostitute in Iguala on October 2, was of additional importance, since in recent weeks had Prostitute in Iguala a student movement at the National Polytechnic Institute an institution created in by President Lazaro Cardenas, who in expropriated the oil industry at large transnational corporations to reject a series of reforms involving the degradation of their academic level and the conversion of the Institute into a provider of technical second level personnel for transnational corporations.

The shooting attack of Iguala municipal police and gunmen who accompanied Prostitute in Iguala, caused the killing of 6 people, 4 of them students, a woman who was in a taxi and then a young football player team Hornets of the Third Division of professional football who was on a bus with peers after participating in a gamewhich was also shot by the police, who believed that the players were also students of Ayotzinapa. Some of the students then decided to report the assault they suffered, before the media, but the place where they tried to take out the press conference that same night, was also shot by the armed group in civilian clothes, so students had to flee.

Later it was learned that 43 students were missing, and no authority was aware of his whereabouts. Later was known that he was one of the students missing Prostitute in Iguala tragic night.

Still need to know the identity of the other 15 bodies found and if those that are in new mass graves Prostitute in Iguala on 14 and 15 October, are of the missing students.

At this point we must begin to untangle the web of mafia relations between much of the Mexican political class without distinction of parties with drug trafficking organizations, Prostitute in Iguala who launder money along with banks and different levels of municipal, state and federal government officials who protect criminal enterprises through the police and often, middle and high level ranking officials of the armed forces are also involvedin exchange for funding for their campaigns Prostitute in Iguala for huge profits that are transferred to Naked clewiston girls in Grand Rapids by their criminal associates.

The governor of the state of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre Rivero, is occupying the governorship of the state for the second time, as it did the first time replacing a despotic and dictatorial governor, Ruben Figueroa, who had to take leave from his post inafter he ordered the killing of peasants of the Peasant Organization of the Southern Sierra in Aguas Blancas, Guerrero, who were to apply attention to their demands to the state government.

Aguirre ruled from until Aguirre expressed his disagreement and left the PRI, so he sought the nomination for governor by the leftist PRD Party of the Democratic Revolutionwho does not care about his PRI past and prompted the governor, who won the election in Since he rose to the governorship in AprilAguirre has turned the state of Guerrero to a private business, as for example, he has appointed to government positions 38 immediate family members; so do other officials, such as Secretary of Finance and Administration, Jorge Salgado Leyva, who has 20 relatives in various state offices.

Also, the governor is pushing his son Angel Aguirre Jr. Hence the direct orders for the slaughter came from the municipal authorities, but state and federal authorities were complicit, as it is now known that a number of students were retained by Mexican Army soldiers, without providing them with any help; and the state police, which is also based in Iguala, did not intervene to stop the attack, even though all corporations learned about these facts in minutes.

Additionally, both Prostitute in Iguala state government and the federal, were aware Armenian livesex cam the Mayor Abarca had directly participated in the kidnapping and murder of three leaders of the Popular Unity organization, who had demanded support for that peasant organization and had directly accused the mayor of taking possession of the resources destined Prostitute in Iguala them.

This was known since the middle ofbut neither the state government nor the federal government initiated a thorough investigation into these events. Permanently, the state and the federal governments, have decreased budget allocations for these schools and have attempted to transform curricula or close them up; but students, teachers and parents have mobilized again and again to stop it.

For its part, the EZLN the Zapatistas in Chiapas mobilized thousands of grassroots supporters in a silent march in support of the missing students.

Several schools and colleges of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Metropolitan Autonomous University and the National Pedagogical University, have initiated a strike in support of students and demand of the appearance of the 43 missing students. There is a proposal in Congress for the disappearance of powers in the state of Guerrero, given that Governor Aguirre refuses to leave office, but the measure will not fix the situation of this state, which is handled by political groups associated with drug cartels and business groups who get rich juicy concessions, so the arrival of an acting governor to the state will only serve to distract public opinion and eventually make Prostitute in Iguala people forget about the responsibility, political and criminal of the governor and the omissions perhaps intentional of the federal government, on these facts; not forgetting that the Mayor of Iguala, his wife and the Prostitute in Iguala of Public Safety of that city, Felipe Flores Velasquez, are still fugitives.

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Very comprehensive window about the situation in Mexico. In Michoacan another state in the westside of the country people try to organize in self defense units to protect themselves from both the police and the criminals. Mexico is worlds number one in Naughty women in Dortmund but lots remain unreported due that people are aware that police often is involved as accomplish in connection with the criminals.

The situation is Prostitute in Iguala improving. Thank you for the useful Saker-style sitrep and analysis of the situation regarding disappeared students in Iguala Guerrero. Neither I nor anyone I know can tell you what happened to the students except for persons who essentially repeat what is said on TV; if asked, these people will tell Adult singles dating in Freeport that the government is somehow responsible.

To my mind this strange event of the dissapeared youth is eerily reminiscent of the disappearance of the Malaysian jet where it seemed to curiously became an icon to be lost, and perpetually looked-for? It would be a mistake I think to blame the Malaysian government in such a case? To say that this famous incident where a mass kidnapping takes place is the act of corrupt local officials is misleading i think.

This is the work of clandestine criminal gangs — gangs that move like Prostitute in Iguala wind and disappear like the night — gangs that knocked the planes of the top two Interior Ministers out of the sky, in the Felipe Calderon administration. It is NOT the State that is doing Prostitute in Iguala, it is the anti-State forces who have been preparing a battleground in advance here in Guerrero which is one of the most intense concentrations of mineral wealth anywhere in the world.

These two bands in the years perpetrated a dramatic slaughter spree and this was all explained as infantile torture killing of the rival band members, as revenge for other murders and transgressions of each others territory. What I am saying is that, this disappearance is part of a ghastly theater and not rightly understood as a State Crime.

I do not know if you are Mexican even if you claim to live there Prostitute in Iguala claim that this disappeared youth is a strange event is Prostitute in Iguala monumental! Mexico is partially a failed state, it will and probably will become a totally failed state as things look like right now. If things keeps going on like this I do not see how this country can be saved.

This is a fine article. Congratulations to the author and to you, Saker, for exposing it on your blog. Your vineyard promises to become a forest. Guerero, along with Morelos, was home ground for Prostitute in Iguala Zapatan upsurge and, along with Michoacan, for the Chistero revolt which was never entirely supressed.

This latest massacre may set the Prostitute in Iguala of resistance once more aflame. The cristero from the word Christ war of the s was a right-wing reactionary movement supported by the Vatican and the local catholic church in central Mexico against the leftist-postrevolutionary government of Plutarco Elias Calles, founder of what has become the PRI. Today, the PRI has betrayed all its social and Prostitute in Iguala roots, to bow to US, big oil and neoliberal interests.

Yes my contention is that local officials are certainly not the authors of this crime. First, some kids in israel disappear, then some schoolgirls in nigeria Prostitute in Iguala, then a malaysian jet disappears, then guerrero students disappear — seems to me that — not all that long ago — people did NOT just disappear for dramatic effect, now, they seem to disappear all the time, as if it were a play in a book.

My friend just told me of rumors that government documents are right now being removed from the municipal offices in anticipation of attacks. The storming of government offices is not an unknown political tactic in the old-west style history of Guerrero but this isnt you classic local land dispute; it is being promoted by the major mass-media and presumably by concentrated covert operations on twitter and facebook.

Try to think simple, do not complicate facts. Read my very first comment on this article. It has been some weeks now since these students disappeared and on the search for them many clandestine graves containing multiple corpses of murdered people have been found, after studies none of them matched the disappeared students.

But then who are the murdered people lying in these graves? You have to concur with me that these 43 Prostitute in Iguala is just the tip of the iceberg concerning criminality in Mexico. Hundreds of people are kidnapped and killed in a regular basis in Mexico every day. So many Prostitute in Iguala most of this goes unreported. Have you heard about the over hundred immigrants from Central America that were mass murdered in North Mexico?

This became known I think because they were foreigners had they been Mexicans nobody would have known their fate. There were so many atrocities, so many…. As recently as last february, a group of high school students from Taxco were kidnapped at the State Fair in Iguala, they were held for a long time and some of them were killed.

Why didnt this horrific mass kidnapping Prostitute in Iguala murder event spark public outrage and calls for violent action? The two kidnapping events are similar, maybe the earlier one was a rehearsal — an investigative journalist might just find something. The internet Prostitute in Iguala an unfortunate place Prostitute in Iguala organize political movements or political sentiment because the internet is the laboratory and playground of United States military. Taking to the street is not an effective strategy if what one wants is to effect policy change and improve the life of the nation.

It would be adding insult to injury to take the good names of those radical militant students and use them for neo-liberal patsy purposes.

IMHO, Mexicans are not nearly so evil as they Prostitute in Iguala simple — and hypnotizable. Benito,terrible things have been happening for long time now, remember the hundreds ormaybe thousands female workers abducted and killed over many years in Juarez? These tragedies and many more have been downplayed and partially hidden by authorities. Then why do not show up in the world MSM to provoke global outrage and the need for a solution?

I guess is because Mexico has become an asset of the empire, Mexico is totally alienated and ripe to be plundered so they MSM keep mute in order to not disturb the process. This is now an old trick however it is new for mexicans and they seem to be for the most part swallowing it.

These students were real political militants! Even more, all the concerned Prostitute in Iguala whose sense Prostitute in Iguala justice has been offended by this Prostitute in Iguala news event, I invite you to consider.

The teachers have fiercely rejected the Reforms for seven years now! And this protest was specifically in opposition to the proposed education privatization legislation. They may have thought that education reform would be the easiest nut to crack? The elected governments of about twenty towns have been taken over by the federal police — the gullible public applauds because the mass-media has thoroughly implanted the fixed idea that the disappearance of the students is due to government corruption; no one seems to suspect that it is a theatre orchestrated by foreign military and intelligence agencies.

The constitutional municipal presidents are being systematically deposed, and this is supposed to be a good thing, because of the supposed humanitarian emergency, on account of the Prostitute in Iguala Ayutzinapa students. I sincerely hope that later on Mexicans will not find themselves looking around and wondering how their constitutional presidencies went into the flush Prostitute in Iguala of history!

What is going on now is pale, very pale next to the mayhem that was going on around here in the years sine approximately that fateful Holy Thursday when the procession of Semana Santa was shattered by a spontaneous mass-panic. So Miguel Angel Jimenez and the rest Prostitute in Iguala the group marched onward. Less than an hour later, over a ridge and up a ruddy path, Prostitute in Iguala eventually found two fresh ditches.

With VICE News present, they dug into the ground and turned up some bones — a piece of jawbone, a femur, and some scattered clothes and garbage — Prostitute in Iguala they decided to leave. One of the community police members had received a threatening phone call. Those would add to the nine Prostitute in Iguala in the days prior to their patrol Prostitute in Iguala Monday, but more graves would turn up the next day.

And the day after. In this city, where the local police are accused of firing upon three buses carrying students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School, killing six, before kidnapping 43 others, you dig at the ground in the hillsides and the cemetery that Iguala has become pokes back at you.

What they are doing now, under cover of this humanitarian emergency involving Woman seeking couple in Wels disappearance of forty students from militant teachers college, is jumping-over the constitutional process, and the municipal authority by unidentified federal government agents or police chiefs, or who knows who? This political operation is to the tune of the applause of Prostitute in Iguala people who are shocked into action and psychological attitude by the news and social media impact of Prostitute in Iguala and suspense out of a disney cartoon.

Garish stars of Televisa dn TV Azteca and coming out with their boobs with strong support for Free sex chart girl online talking the government take responsibility for what happened to the students in Iguala whatever it was, since nobody Prostitute in Iguala to know and there is only speculation to go on becasue the product of the investigations is not public.


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