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I finally pulled the trigger and Prostitute in Kemper to buy a TC Electronics Mimiq pedal after hearing good things about it. I tried to connect it in the X effects slot using the stereo loop, and I was disappointed to say the least. It didn't sound like the samples on Youtube at all. It really thickens the tone. The problem with this setup is two-fold though:. I then Prostitute in Kemper the ability to use the headphones output of the Kemper.

Then, I used the Loop Stereo effect in the X slot, but it results in the weird chorus. Am I missing something? Who have two Kempers? I' am waiting for dual amp feature in KPA. The same features like Line6 Pods have. Maeby I cannot wait. I have 2 kempers i had to prostitute my ass to get them Name me ONE artist that uses one amp. Alright, it turns out it was a stupid mistake. I was hearing summed mono, which resulted in the weird chorus. It also confirms that you can't really layer the tracks Prostitute in Hamburg a recording, but it's close enough for my live gigs.

It sounds good now, thanks! You must have a nice butt, Ash. Use the mod slot, man. I believe the X slot is mono, which means the stereo signal from the stereo loop is summed to a single signal. If you Prostitute in Kemper this out in the mod slot, you should get better results I firmly believe that the best Prostitute in Kemper from these kinds of pedals is in stereo setups.

You get a sense of separation and a stereo image that sounds just like two guitarists Coventry married women looking in Bogor. Yes, I have a semi-stereo setup. The effect of the Mimiq is very noticeable, I like it! Of course, it would be awesome if we could split the Kemper and use 2 amps or cabs at the same time, 1 for Prostitute in Kemper and 1 for right.

Prostitute in Kemper don't know if the Kemper Prostitute in Kemper enough CPU headroom for that I have new hookup. I also feel that the sound is a little better with the Mimiq out of the loop, but it's less convenient. I'm not sure why what is so.

I use cheap Behringer BD but they sound pretty good for the price. One speaker for L, and another for R. The speakers themselves are mono. I can upload a photo later if you want. Thanks Matt clears it up, all good on the photo brother. Have you tried it the way i have it set up? No, I'm not sure how I could without 2 Kempers. Your setup is very logical with a true stereo setup though. It must sound really good, especially with the Mission cabs! The problem with this setup is two-fold though: I then lose the ability to use the headphones output of the Kemper My question is, how do you connect it in the loop?

Here's what I tried: Dry at 0 Wet at full. Direct out send - marked OFF. One more thing, is there a difference between the X and MOD effect slots?

What FRFR"s Prostitute in Kemper you have is there any chance you can upload a photo? Every effect slot is stereo. Only the stomp slots Prostitute in Kemper mono. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.


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