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Mongu Mayor Charles Akende says the council managed to reduce prostitution levels by strictly regulating the operations of bars and night spots in the district. Akende said prostitution levels Prostitute in Mongu were on the increase last year have since declined due to stringent measures put in place by the council.

He explained that Prostitute in Mongu council has managed to scale down the levels of prostitution in the area by working with the police and other stakeholders.

Akende said the adherence by some bar and night club owners to the terms of operation has seen less people engage in the vice. Akende has appealed to the Constructor who is Prostitute in Mongu work on the Mongu-Kalabo road to consider employing the youths in the district. Akende said the move would deter many youths from engaging in bad vices such as beer drinking, smoking and prostitution. He observed that unemployment forced some youths in the district to engage in bad vices such as prostitution.

Akende has assured Mongu residents that the local authority was working tirelessly to address the many land wrangles being faced in the area. He announced that the Council has embarked on a programme to recruit qualified land surveyors and staff.

Akende however maintained that the council would not rescind its decision of charging K10, per month on Prostitute in Mongu undeveloped plot in the district. Akende said it was unfortunate that some people were acquiring plots which they failed to develop.

Congratualtions local government of Mongu for the job well done to reduce prostituion levels. But for how long are you going to do that? You need to have found these people an alternative activity or activities to do. Of course one area is employment within the road construction company. Prostitution is a source of livelihood Prostitute in Mongu a number of youths now.

Unless you find Prostitute in Mongu something constructive to do, they are not sitting idle but to come back on the scene in style. It is a difficult task you have embarked on and I hope you will live to control it. It is saddening to hear that you have controlled the sitution and two weeks later it is like never before.

Please keep it up and do not relent. Dictionary says Prostitution is sexual intercourse in exchange of remuneration. Hey good people, I agree prostitution is the oldest profession in the whole world.

The truth of the matter is the girls involved in prostitution are in it for survival. Its a matter of death and death. If they stay homethey will be homeless and die of hunger. If they engage in prostitution they will have food live for a while and die of AIDS. All i can do is sympathises with the prostitutes and society. But its a tough situation Prostitute in Mongu i believe Prostitute in Mongu solution lies in economic empowerment through skills development.

Make no mistake prostitution is every where, but our girls probably dont even use protection later on have the guts to ask their clients to use protection. I think more should be done in punishing the clients as well.

Other people believe HIV can be cured by having sex with a minor,such barbaric manners is what the govt should remove from the mind of the people. How many Prostitutes have stopped? The issue as you have rightly pointed out is luck sensitisation and cultural issues. Look at south africa for crying out loud. With all the resources they dont seem to be doing a good job or perhaps Thabo Mbeki realised that AIDS Prostitute in QLD not caused hunger when it was too late.

A lot could have Prostitute in Mongu done in South Africa if Thabo didnt put his head in stupidity which has really costed the beautiful contry a lot of lives. Such statements coming from a leader in office,makes even the matter worse. Uganda has been a good example in correcting the culture, and norms in the people. As somebody mentioned above prostitutes and clients adapt. These guys are just thugs in white shirts stealing from the poorest Zambian. Has he created Prostitute in Mongu jobs for them?

You may call it prostitution but to me I prefer the term Sex workers. Then who are the culprits? Its sad to say that its the innocent school Prostitute in Mongu and the church going girls who these government boys are always sleeping with. Give these sex workers jobs so that they can support their families. Do you have any empirical evidence to support your statement.

Such statements, though not intended, may lead alot of people, the men, especially to die before their time. You see Alex, the unfortunate thing is that people believe such statements, no wonder difilement is prevalent in our Country.

As they say call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Terminilogies can enhance something as well as deter it. Indirectly it contributed to reducing the vice as no one wanted to be Prostitute in Mongu with it. In this circumstance,I am comfortable that all of us should speak the same language in order to fight prostituion.

Let us not use fancy words which can end up promoting it. We learn things like statistics so that we can use them to better our lives. But if such knowledge we spend colassol sums of money can only be shelved then it is a pity. Maybe that explains why we are so undeveloped. Culture is really a Prostitute in Mongu issue here. You may agree with me that at the time when our girls were being confined in the room for a good period of time as soon as they became mature inorder to be initiated upon, prostituion was at its least.

When human rights and other pressure groups came in and started condeming the practice, the result is what we are seeing now where young ladies are in the fore front wooing men in bars and pubs. It is possible to know meet someone today who you do not know in Zambia and have sex with them. In europe the opposite is true.

It might take you good ivestment of time to do that. But when you watch movies you might think those people are easy goers while not. In simple terms, those people have been cultured and they are following it. Red light streets in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Bakazi ba other people are oroso well come to the national team. Dressing at all the events bithday suit. Fizz well said, where did the Mayor get the impression that prostitution has gone down? He has to back his statement with figures. Mr Mayor ,sir figures have not gone down,just because you have reduced drinking hours, the weather is getting cold so the sex workers have changed their tactics.

That is why they are not so visible. Thats nice to hear. Mongu has more guest houses and so called lodges than churches. Dont ask me about stats. Will come back during Kuomboka ceremony, when men, who are they business partners are in abundant. Its unethical for a govt leader to say something without statistical backing. I agree with almost all the contributors on the blog Prostitute in Mongu how to make statements. If the mayor is just saying things for political mileage then its a pity.

Reduction in any social vice must be quantified; this explains the lack of knowledge Prostitute in Mongu most of our leaders in using statistics. Even after CSO gave training to govt and media personnel on how to interpret statistics, we still have serious cases of people making statements that dont mean a thing.

I hope govt leaders have a chance to go thru this blog and learn from the intellectual comments being presented here. I agree with K95,Moyo. My hope is that the mayor Prostitute in Mongu some statistical Prostitute in Mongu otherwise his assertions will just go down Prostitute in Mongu books of political rethoric.

Was that mayor chap dreaming!!! Prostitution is still as rife or even more rife than it was before ill intend effort. Prostitution in Mongu has just gone underground. People need to survive and prostitution is a means of getting money to survive and so Prostitute in Mongu not stop.

I would suggest that Woman wanting sex in Puke is legalised and so that the controles make more sense. What is the fase all of a sudden about statistical data. You are all now behaving like politicians. We would say prostitution has been curtailed. Do you need statistical data to show that there are no prostitutes roaming freely in the streets for fear of being arrested?

This a practical issue that needs practical solutions. The fear of disease does not work for prostitutes. The way forward is making Prostitute in Mongu impossible for the prostitutes to operate if arrested there has to be stiffer penalties. Also a man seeking for prostitutes should also be treated as a prostitutes. In Los angeles if you are cought soliciting for sex you go to jail and loose the car you were driving while commiting the crime.

Why do Prostitute in Mongu especially politicians and clergymen pick up these Prostitute in Mongu for sex? You will be so surprised to see that these women Prostitute in Mongu take care of large families.


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