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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Moralising female identity in Cameroon in the s: This article was downloaded by: Journal of Music Research in Africa Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: Click for updates To cite this article: Journal of Music Prostitute in Nkongsamba in Africa, The accuracy of the Content should not be relied upon and should be independently verified with primary sources of information.

Taylor and Prostitute in Nkongsamba shall not be liable for any losses, actions, claims, proceedings, demands, costs, expenses, damages, and other liabilities whatsoever Prostitute in Nkongsamba howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with, in relation to or arising out of the use of the Content.

This article may be used for research, teaching, and private study purposes. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan, sub-licensing, systematic supply, or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden. Bars, night clubs and streets were common environs where dancing took place as the physical expression of pleasure from music. The explosion of early music such as Makossa did not match the precarious marketable opportunities at that time.

As a result, music appeared as a hobby, and not because singers derived income from its production. The themes focused on varying social Prostitute in Nkongsamba and problems, from love and emotional pathos to im morality.

As such, one is tempted to assert that singers hardly expressed demur or outright lampoonery against public transgressions such as corruption, prostitution or swindling, as is the case nowadays. The themes were far less what we find in contemporary Cameroonian literate culture, namely cinema, media and popular music.

The paper contends that though this song produces laughter, rendering it a humorous piece with potential enough to entertain, the same humour turns out serious, handling prostitution and women involved in this activity in a very negative way.

This is achieved when Misse Ngoh, using Prostitute in Nkongsamba female archetype Mary, Prostitute in Nkongsamba a problematic image of females in the Cameroon urban sphere. Finally, in the iconography of Mary, this paper sets out to explore the agency of females who were baffled within the intricacies of urban life and modernity in the nineties. It examines the challenges of the new urban spaces as notorious corners of prostitution that such women chose.

It is a form of communication that speaks directly to society as a cultural Prostitute in Nkongsamba, and often reflects a collection and pattern of personal experience. Music is so influential because it communicates on three different levels: Not Prostitute in Nkongsamba does it operate in a nondiscursive way, by affecting the physiological mode of the body, causing one to move and dance, but it also encourages one to think.

Confronted with the intricacies of this modernity coupled with economic crisisthe women choose prostitution, which was often regarded as a Downloaded by [University of Swaziland] at The song addresses the falsity of prostitution and the transience of such professions through Mary, who is beleaguered due to the economic dilemmas of the s. Her fictional composure is intended to indoctrinate, empower, and reform self-misguided women who choose prostitution.

It signals that options such as prostitution are the direct repercussion of the reversal of time from the time of social affluence to the time of economic recessionand the challenges such a sweeping reversal can usher in. As mentioned earlier, the s and s in Cameroon were times of optimism for Cameroonians.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis Prostitute in Nkongsamba the mids to the s rendered this optimism a dream that would be far from being realised. The consequence was an atmosphere of urban quandary where residents had to mobilise in order to make the urban space viable and sustainable. Coupled with the fact that new market routes from Dubai and the Mobile Telephone Network MTN 4 opened up, this situation impelled new business opportunities which brought mobile phones, the internet, expensive clothing and make-up as inclusive tastes for urban residents, especially women.

This is similar to the case of Cameroon as 3 Pidgin English is a very popular lingua franca in Cameroon and English-speaking West Africa. It is most often considered as the language of the illiterate masses.

As Prostitute in Nkongsamba crisis brought in new processes of economic and political change in the country, it equally brought in novel urban processes and change. Urban settings equally became an inclusive world for rural residents, especially Downloaded by [University of Swaziland] at He has Prostitute in Nkongsamba popular with his songs about courtship, marriage and love.

In an interview narrating how he started his musical career, he said: In Prostitute in Nkongsamba years of yore, you had to work hard to be integrated into a musical band. I got into Los Calvinos as a guitarist. When I entrenched my Prostitute in Nkongsamba there, I switched to singing. I was so glad. It was a very crucial moment in my artistic career, for I learnt a lot.

If I do sing today Prostitute in Nkongsamba it is appreciated positively, if I do play the organ, it is thanks to my having belonged to Los Calvinos.

I grew up as a very poor boy. My father died when I was only nine months old. It is only my mother who took the challenge to ensure that her children grew up and went to school. I was so poor when I was young. So, Prostitute in Nkongsamba I sing it takes me back to those years of hardship.

It gives me the Prostitute in Nkongsamba to touch those Prostitute in Nkongsamba crannies Prostitute in Nkongsamba human life Eduarts As one must nourish the body with food, one must also nourish the soul with music. Yet another thread emerges here concerning the crucial position that Makossa music occupies within Cameroon. It blares through radios and outdoor speakers in both rural and urban settings in Cameroon.

Downloaded by Prostitute in Nkongsamba of Swaziland] at The song opens in the following musical rhythm: You gu cry oh! My baby you gu cry oh! You gu cry oh oh! You are going to regret oh! From the above, one could question why Misse Ngoh a francophone preferred to sing in pidgin. This is because traditionally, popular songs in pidgin often reach Prostitute in Nkongsamba wider audience who will understand the message, than music which would merely be attractive 5 Makossa is a popular Cameroon musical style.

It uses strong electric bass rhythms and prominent brass. The style began to take shape in the s. Many other performers followed suit.

More examples include Lapiro de Mbanga and Petit Pays and their popular pidgin songs about identity politics, romance and love. As elsewhere in the world, popular music has been regarded as the primary leisure resource for young people Downloaded by Prostitute in Nkongsamba of Swaziland] at These features are readily seen in the Cameroon popular music generic in both urban and rural realms, in nightclubs, live concerts, cinema and TV shows, as Bennett claims.

Misse Ngoh goes on in Prostitute in Nkongsamba enchanting style to lash out at morality where such women prostitutes are often beguiled by the new processes of modernity. This is deplored in the next chorus: Wus kan man be lie you say akwara di get money? Sotey you go leave your husband, you go fala akwara! You go leave Prostitute in Nkongsamba husband, you go fala akwara! What type of man lied to you that a prostitute can get money become rich?

Until you left your husband to pursue prostitution! You left your husband to pursue prostitution! They found that rural women are characterised by low modernity scores while urban women participating in city marketing are characterised by higher modernity scores. The latter are very similar to a group of women often widows in Cameroon who, instead of choosing prostitution, engage in their own entrepreneurial activity know as buyam sellam, meaning buying and selling.

Any woman who predominantly indulges in such a profession is known as a buyam sellam woman. They buy Prostitute in Nkongsamba such as plantains, bananas, vegetables and fruit directly from farmers in rural areas and sell them in the urban centres. One of the buyam sellams had this to say: That is I buy food items like corn, beans, groundnuts peanuts from distant markets and sell in the central local market. But from the profit I am making, I will gradually build up my own capital.

I am so grateful to the initiators of this program. The interesting point here is to imagine the contrast in livelihood among urban residents, in this case the women. The contrast further throws light on free women as seen in the archetypal Mary of Misse Ngoh and women who embark on their own creative and entrepreneurial fulfilments as wealth accumulation strategies.

Another contrast has been identified by Basile Ndjio in his research on Cameroonian youths and their expectations of modernity, with the focus on feymen. It is imperative to stress for both categories of women the commonplace features that are typical of everyday activities. Meanwhile, women entrepreneurs — buyam sellams — are perceived to Prostitute in Nkongsamba regularly Prostitute in Nkongsamba farm to market, toiling in search of wealth accumulation to sustain the family.

Finally, the young urban swindlers — feymen — assume the role of government officials, as a subterfuge to conceal their identities in order to make a successful living. This leads to a serious re- imagination of female identity in the context of natural love and love due to profitable financial end.

Moralising female identity in Cameroon in the s Consequently, while Misse Ngoh sings using humour, the laughter that this humour evokes chastises female identity. In this way, Misse Ngoh succeeds in upbraiding the women who indulge in prostitution as an Prostitute in Nkongsamba strategy.

Finally, Misse Ngoh realises that such a strategy radically forces females and their identities to exceed the traditional moral obligations that society Swingers clubs in San Andres in gender relations.

And, in a bid to reconstruct their self image, Misse Ngoh admonishes Mary again as we saw above: You gu cry oh you gu cry oh! You gu cry oh you gu cry oh you gu cry oh oh! My baby you gu cry oh you cry oh oh! Misse Ngoh, as in the Zambian patriarchal context, categorically advises women, warning that Mary is only going to Prostitute in Nkongsamba as she cannot succeed in this profession. He does not stop to warn Mary against this condition, as to him the very condition is difficult to endure.


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