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Women in their middle-age enjoy abilities that affect their health promotion and improvement. Throughout their entire lifetime, women strive to maintain and improve their health through benefiting from behaviors that come from experience. This study was carried out with the aim of identifying self-care behaviors that middle-aged women consider as far as maintaining and promoting their health are concerned.

The study was conducted using a qualitative approach in conventional content analysis. Participants comprised of 20 middle-aged women from Zahedan, Iran in that were invited to enter the study using purposive sampling, and were given semi-structured interviews. After data collection, all interviews were transcribed, reviewed and then the subcategories were extracted. The findings suggest that preventive self-care behaviors of women are associated with features such as understanding health and disease, health knowledge and awareness of the associated health risks.

As a matter of fact, preventive Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan encompass strategies Meet real girls in Fier women apply to improve their physical and mental health.

Results have shown that factors such as socio-cultural, gender, health beliefs and understanding health needs are involved in the formation of the preventive behaviors of women 23.

For example, in one study women viewed menopause as the freedom period 4. In addition, other results indicated that women in Iran and Turkey were trying to conceal their menopause, and they Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan regard menopause as the end of femininity and Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan6.

The World Health Organization WHO defined health in its Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan sense in its constitution as being the most important indicator of Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan. The concept of health is one of the leading metaparadigms in the nursing practice, which is a health-driven discipline.

Thus, one of the responsibilities of nurses is to promote public health 8. As such, if nurses wish to maintain and improve the health of the members of society, they should be able to understand their condition, which is feasible only through doing research using qualitative approach. Because this research approach, citing the words of real people in a natural and real-life setting, can impart us valuable information.

Also, results of a study that examined how these preventive behaviors emerge regarding breast cancer, showed that these studies helped neatly bulldoze ahead with plans for developing prevention programs for women and health authorities In addition to the above, it seems that the roles women adopt in the family have a direct impact on developing preventive behaviors in women; they, at the time of their roles often overlook issues related to their health 1.

Also, women at middle-age, sacrifice for their family and give priority to their problems. These can affect various aspects of their health, and one of the serious consequences of this period of self-neglect and one serious implication coming out of this cycle is self-ignoring and lack of attention to self-care behaviors, and this could compromise their health 3 And it is important that the curriculum developers understand the Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan needs of women in different periods of life Therefore, this study aimed to identify self-care behaviors in middle-aged women.

The current study is a qualitative study using content analysis. This method is one of the approaches to qualitative research, and also includes qualitative data analysis methods.

Content analysis, analysis of written messages, oral or Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan, with raw data were extracted based on inference, summarized and incorporated into categories.

In Conventional content analysis, categories and their names are extracted from the data In this study, participants were selected through purposive sampling. Sampling of middle-aged women with maximum variation including education level, marital status and job data was performed until data saturation. This study involved 20 middle-aged women from Zahedan, Iran in Being middle-aged ages 40—60 years was the selection criteria for women. The interview location, relative to the qualitative research method, was a natural setting that would enable access to Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan women.

To this end, interviews were conducted in areas such as home or work. Collecting data was through face-to-face and semi-structured interviews.

Each participant was interviewed once, so 20 interviews were conducted. Data analysis was done concurrent with data collection. The transcript of the interviews was broken down into its constituent semantic and smallest meaningful units after several times of reviewing.

Then the codes were re- read on the basis of semantic similarity in the subcategories and the main categories were replaced. Varieties of methods were used during the study in order to ensure the accuracy of data.

Selection of participants from maximum variation sample helped increase the credibility of data. The ethics adhered to by the researchers in the study included obtaining informed consent from participants after expressing the aim of the study, giving them the right to withdraw at any time they wish, maintaining anonymity and confidentiality of data and presenting the results to the participants if requested. In fact, preventive self-care behaviors in women emerge in association with Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan such as understanding health and disease, health knowledge and awareness of the associated health risks.

Understanding their health and disease, led the women to behaviors that had an important role in maintaining and improving their health. Women had a different understanding of their health, but all of them alluded to physical and mental health and the relationship between these two dimensions.

As Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan the Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan of health and disease, one participant said: After consulting a doctor I was told there was no reason.

But the pain rooted in the stressful issues that I suffered. When the stress disappeared, I was relieved Gratis sexchatten am iphone my physical pain What is important for good health is to have peace and tranquility, this is very good, and it means good health Here are some quotes from participants about their health knowledge in dealing with health problems.

Stress is an important cause of Prostitute in Hinche in me. I realized this when drinking laxative could not help me out with my problem, after a few Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan I realized that whenever I am stressed, constipation comes in.

Since having realized this, I tried not to stress out or control it. On the behaviors generated as a result of their knowledge about health, another participant said: One literate year old lady as compared to one illiterate year old lady has different reasons for their referral. The literate woman has sleep disorders insomnia ; the illiterate one ushers in mostly with physical problems.

This unschooled or poorly educated lady might be suffering from insomnia as well, but she does not recognize it as a serious case to consult a doctor. She might have been in the grip of insomnia over the last year, while the educated lady may visit the doctor three to four days after the emergence of the problem. As to the preventive care behavior relating to the nutritional status, one participant says: I take awfully good care as far as food issues are concerned. I do not Tante2 xxx fatty foods at nights, feeding more on bread, cheese and walnuts.

I do feed on chicken and white meat prepared and cooked by poaching or steaming On ignoring health status, another participant said: Generally speaking, I am not on Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan recipes.

An awareness of the threats of physical and mental health had positive impact on preventive self-care behaviors of the women participants in this study. In addition, women believed that many of their health problems were due to aging and entering middle-age period. The following are some quotes from middle-aged women, especially their being aware of their health status.

This is quite clear to me that year after year my health deteriorates. From age 30 onwards I think my health has changed compared to the past, my physical, mental status and Singles sex party in At Bashy memory are not like before.

I feel withering every year in myself The results of the current study indicate that preventive self-care behaviors include a set of behaviors which middle-aged women get engaged in towards maintaining and enhancing their Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan health relying on a thorough understanding of good health and illness, health knowledge and being aware of the health risks.

Understanding good health and illness may affect diverse facets of physical, psychological and social health. Findings in some studies tell of understanding good health and illness, or the challenges stemming from an understanding of contracting diabetes or breast cancer. The participants in this research expressed their understanding Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan health and disease using sentences such as health means proper functioning of the body systems, health means prevention, and mental health takes precedence over physical health.

Undoubtedly, their understanding of health and illness, using such descriptions, when encountering psychophysical problems, can help them out to take steps towards maintaining their health by embarking on more effective strategies.

Herein the findings of a research on the experiences gained by women with cancer showed that the understanding of death by the women under study had been mere death and annihilation, having been affecting their self-care behaviors Given the fact that the women of the current study were not suffering from any physical problem affecting their lifestyle, what was clear in their utterances was that the Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan conditions affected their understanding of health and disease in a manner that those women with lower levels of education paid more heed to the aspect of physical health, while other aspects remained unknown to them; whereas the women with higher education levels cared about physical, psychological and social health as well.

Health knowledge is another subcategory of the present study. Another research finding, which addressed the practice of physical activities in women with diabetes, showed that their preventive self-care behaviors in Girl nude in Manama of physical activity were contingent upon Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan behavioral, normative and controlling behaviors The studies suggest that such preventive and easy-going behaviors that women show off under self-care behaviors relate to the time when they are grappling with physical problems 10 In a study conducted on working women taking on exercise in self-care behaviors, they viewed physical exercise as one component of self-caring.

The results Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan which, showed that views change in the aftermath of awareness, followed by action Moreover, in a research study in which the human subjects were Brazilian women, although cancer screening programs for, say, Pap Smear, are being carried out routinely in gynecology centers in Brazil, the preventive self-care plans will not be developed as long as women are not well-informed in biomedics However, preventive self-care behaviors in women depend significantly on developing behaviors such as understanding health and disease, gaining knowledge on health and being aware of health threats in them.

It should be mentioned that a setting in which a woman lives, plays a pivotal role in shaping preventive self-care behaviors. The participants of the present study were engaged in numerous commitments and have their own limitations to be interviewed. Characteristics such as understanding health and disease, health knowledge and awareness of threats to health, play a role in the emergence of self-care behaviors.

As a matter of fact, the findings of the study showed that the behavior of middle-aged women towards health promotion, depends on individual aspects; of course, we should not ignore the fact that the context of where a woman was raised or currently lives has been central to the shaping of these behaviors. This behavior has on offer.

So, it looks whatever plan is offered to maintain and improve the health of women, the women themselves should have a basic role in regulating the plan. July 18,English editing: November 06,Quality control: Seeking a beautiful woman in Zahedan authors contributed to this project and article equally.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Electron Physician v. Published online Nov Fereshteh Ghaljaei 1 Ph. Nasrin Rezaee 1 Ph. Alireza Salar 1 Ph.


Participants comprised of 20 middle-aged women from Zahedan, Iran in . In another research, women's understanding of good health was beauty and white investigation into the health seeking behavior of rural Palestinian women . Background: It cannot be denied that many improvements in female and child health have on groundwater quantity and quality in the Zahedan aquifer, southeast Iran .. compel some women to choose to give birth at home and to hesitate seeking Home to beautiful jungles, booming industry, and age-old temples. Lulakdan is a small village kilometers (about 90 miles) southeast of Zahedan , capital of the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan.