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Other Areas Printable View. Show post s from this thread on one page Page 67 of First Last Jump to page: This is a great little town and definitely has a different feel about it and has its own character. There is plenty to do here to stay amused for the weekend and the town itself is very scenic as it is surronded by mountainous terrain. I stayed at the Ranong Princess Hotel which is a bit steep at 1,THB per night but is quite a nice place and close to the centre of town which is basically Ruangrat Road.

There is a whole area of brothels just outside of town. There are about 6 or 7 lady houses and all of them have about 8 to 10 girls. The quality was actually very good Sex on the side in Ranong all the girls come from Burma. It is the classic upcountry set up where you take them to the squalid rooms out the back of the "show" area. Most of the girls are in the 18 to 20 age range and the cost was to THB. The way to find them is as usual to just ask any of the motorbike taxi drivers who all know the places to go.

The motorbike taxi drivers are to be found at various points along Ruangrat Road and i payed them THB to stay with me for a couple of hours and take me around to the various houses.

One thing I Sex on the side in Ranong say though is that the Burmese Sex on the side in Ranong are nowhere near as clean and hygiene conscious as the Thai girls generally are. Also if you go then you simply MUST wear a condom as I have previously read that this is a real HIV problem area and as such I took extreme caution not that you can get a blowjob in these places anyway! As I was in Ranong I thought I would go across to the Burmese side to investigate the scene over there I think its called Huawthong or something.

Really in summary it was a waste of time and purely for mongering then there is no point to leave Ranong although the trip in itself was really quite nice and an interesting diversion for a couple of hours. I was offered Woman for oral sex in Lithuania by a couple Sex on the side in Ranong touts and they said the lady house was 15 minutes out of town which sounded ok.

Sex on the side in Ranong of the touts though looked pretty dodgy to me and I made a last minute decision to abandon the idea as we were heading up the road on his motorbike. I left and headed back to immigration at which point he asked for THB for his time. I laughed at him at which point he started getting aggressive and got out his mobile phone and said he would call someone freinds?

Anyway I couldnt be bothered with the hassle and just gave him the THB to finish the matter and get out of there. I think I made the right decision not to go with him to the lady house out of town as I think it would have ended in trouble. So in summary Ranong is a great little town and well worth a visit.

No point in visiting the Burmese side for mongering as you will find all the action you need Sex on the side in Ranong the Ranong Brothel area and the girls are of good quality although service is poor as it is in all upcountry brothels. It was offered that you can take the brothel girls home to your hotel for the night and the price was 1,THB. I didnt check the Karaoke scene as there didnt seem much point although there were a couple of karaokes that I spotted. The hotel had a bona fide massage service but you needed to book in advance and the in hotel karaoke seemed to not have women available as hostesses which seemed strange.

Not much of a scene and I suspect most of the girls working in the brothels, as Bowerbow reported, are Burmese. It's a quaint little town if you are a backpacker. Good for the hot springs and spas, but that's about all. Unfortunately, the national parks want to charge farangs 10 times the Thai prices THB vs 20 for entrance. Stick with the commercial establishments as they have Local sex finder in Comilla price. However on the long term it does us no service at all because other guys will do the same to us.

I like Sex on the side in Ranong even if they don't serve so well, much more than dried-out old uglies who are great performers. Not all are like this but surely it is Sex on the side in Ranong, some times for ridiculously cheap cost. This is what I exactly found many places in Isaan: Konken, Ubon, Udon, Loei and even Mukdahan. Here is the story of one of those.

You won't know unless you go and check it out. But rather about men's rights. The issue that seems to be largely for gotten nowadays in the shadow of women's rights, childrens right, animal rights and so on. That special house is in the inner areas of "??? Daytime it is closed, you wouldn't recognise it from the outside.

However as the sun sets it comes alive every night, with fancy pink lights on the exterior. I rolled up early to beat the crowds and the Thai boys. Mamasan was nice as always. Big woman in her fourties, weighing no less than pounds.

She calls out the girls, about 10 of Sex on the side in Ranong. Nearly all very pretty, smiley, well fed and healthy looking.

Have tall, short, slim, bulky, up to your preference. What I like about mine is her walking. Similar to that of Looking for hot single in Bari well fed, spoliled silky cat. Surely very young, legal but just barely. Wearing the metal braces on her teeth, sort of schoolgirl like.

I ask mamisan about the cat's age. I am concerned a bit, so ask back: On the way I keep grabbing her young ass and tits. She giggles and keeps saying: But of course I am a very deprived man.

How would that be possible to relax with the thought of goin to root this purring fresh kitten within the next few minutes. I am feel not anxious as much as rather excited.

To be "jay yen" is not a possibility. The room is basic, with mattress on the floor in one corner and single 50W globe giving good strong illumination. Sex on the side in Ranong sheet is not to dirty, but surely they wouldn't change it after every session this is just an ST room, she does not live here. I pull her short dress over her head, while keeping the young firm breasts squeezed under the pink bra. We have lots Sex on the side in Ranong lots of young chickens like these back at home.

But Online sex chat girl no registration some reason, old men never can touch them. This is our custom, so they say. Old goes with old only. While she still standing up on the mattress, I take off her pink bra.

She pulls off the panties for herself. I admire her young fresh meat being very deprived as I said. The perfect domes of her perky firm tits, the light brown colored large nipples, with the extra soft texture of skin around them. I keep pinching and rolling them between my nicotine-stained arthritic fingers. I lick the soft belly skin up and down, left to right.

I lay "Silky Cat" on her back. Cat lifts her two shapely legs up in the high air. For some reason she likes holding her meat-lips wide apart with her fingers maybe she saw it in a porn movie? Revealing the pinky entrance hole. I tell her that only stupid people believe the "aids" lies. Sex on the side in Ranong is only an invented Woman swinger in Debrecen, so that many make money form it.

Not using rubbers is just fine, she can be healthier than others. It makes no difference. I put the dick inside the inviting fresh hole. It is very warm. After this the cat grabs my shoulder and we are sitting facing each other.

Looking into her brown eyes, firm breasts rubbing my hairy, fat filled man-tits. Next I turn "Silky Cat" on all four legs and start filling her from behind. All the while I do not stop admiring the beautiful shape of the soft brown back turning into the curvy hips and buttocks. At the end connecting to my old wrinkled dick. As if becoming one body. Admiring the scent of fresh youthful skin of Sex on the side in Ranong back, I keep sniffing it all the while as if it was some sedative Sex on the side in Ranong a bag of glue.

I lick her ears from behind, inside the ears and the neck too. All the while keep pumping it. Sometimes fast, changing to slow. Stopping and then starting again.

Pounding the perfectly harmonious young body, the geometrically round curve of her buttocks. Finaly I shoot her full with sticky old geriatric Sex on the side in Ranong while holding one firm tit in each palm.


But the latest crackdowns on teen-sex-trafficking syndicates in northern Thailand, Ayutthaya, Saraburi, Surin, Buri Ram, Tak, Ranong, Surat Thani and Phitsanulok. Theerathon scooped by J1-League side Yokohama. agree, ranong is a nice place, although most places close quite can see the Pak Nam a bit up river (that is to your right) and on the other side. SEX IN MYANMAR; Underwear Superstitions in Myanmar; Prostitution in Myanmar .. have fedoras tilted to hide their eyes, and some walk with children by their side. .. who was 13 when she was sold to the Wida brothel in Ranong in