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There will be a lot of fluff and lemons. There also may be some parts that will offend some, but I will put warnings at the top of those chapters! There is a huge age difference between B and E so if that bothers you, bounce out now. In later chapters there will be spankings There are three things I love in Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan When it comes to men, I don't care about age, race or looks as long as they have money.

You can blame everything on my mother, she is the reason I Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan the way I am. To this day, my mother is a whore. She has had more men in and out of our house than I can count. I'm like my mother in a way, we Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan like money Who is dating tamara mowry men are Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan way of getting it.

Renee, my mother, raised me to be a very confident person. She would also tell me that men are always the one in charge. For the Quirky one liners for dating part, she was right, but some don't like smart mouths and that I have. I'm a spoiled brat and hate to be told no. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I'm like a two year old and throw a fit.

Nine times out of ten I get what I want. Again, that was Renee's fault. She has never said no to me, well, not that I can remember. She would give me whatever I wanted, when I wanted it. Money was never really an issue for us. Whoever my father was had paid a massive amount of child support over the years and then my mother with her 'other' form of income, we were pretty set.

My gift for my eighteenth birthday was her telling me to get my own job because I'm an adult now. All I could say to her was 'fuck you'. I was not working! I was still in high school and just didn't want to work. And I'm not like my mother with her sleeping around. I was with a total of three men since being fifteen, that's not so terrible,right?

The youngest guy I was with was twenty, and he was my first. We were together for almost a year, but when he turned twenty one he said I was too young for the things he wanted to do. I was pissed at the time, but glad he dumped me instead of cheating on me.

Right before my sixteenth birthday one of my mother's boyfriends had a younger brother, he and I hit it off. He was a little standoffish at first, but when he saw that my mother didn't give a fuck, he was all about it. He was thirty and the oldest man I had been with, but he wasn't what I wanted. He gave me whatever I wanted, but wanted way more than I could have given him. He wanted marriage and kids, I told him that he needed to find someone else. I couldn't give him any of that.

We were only together until new years and I turned sixteen in September. That man threw me for a loop and I went a few months without another boyfriend. Six months after that break up, I started dating again.

His name was Jake and I almost fell in love with him. We probably would have been together if he didn't cheat on me. He was twenty four and hot. He had the best body I had ever seen. He was rich, sweet, and he spoiled the shit out of me. When I showed up at his house unannounced, which was against his rules, but I did what I wanted when I wanted.

If having to call before going to "my" man's house is a rule ever again, I will break it As soon as I walked into his house I could hear a woman screaming Jake's name. I knew that scream, I did that scream. I knew he had her on all fours, probably pulling her hair and slamming into her. I didn't remember walking up the stairs.

I just remembered walking into the house, hearing the screams and then I was in his bedroom. I knew she was Native American like Jake, but her face was just ugly and her hair was awful.

I had never been speechless in my life until that moment. He grabbed my upper arm and pulled me out of the room. I always thought I was enough for a man. Those words were always on my mind, even now. Jake and I were together over a year and I hadn't been with anyone since. I knew I needed someone and fast. I had bills that my mother wasn't going to pay any more.

She bought me a car when I turned sixteen, but made payments and there was still two years left. She said she was only going to pay one more month. There was no way I could make a five hundred dollar car payment, plus car insurance working at a fast food joint, I needed help.

I loved to shop as well. On average, I would spend three thousand dollars on one trip to the mall, buying anything and everything. Then there was my cell phone bill, getting my hair done at least once a month, my nails get done every two weeks I would have tried to find someone on my own, but this needed to happen now.

I turned on my lap top and searched. The search didn't last long. I checked Craig's list personals and only had to go through Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan pages Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan I found the one.

It was titled Sugar Daddy. That right there made him perfect. He only had an emailadress listed and I quickly typed the same email three times. I didn't want to sound too needy, but in a way I was. I finally went with, 'Hi, I'm Bella. I am eighteen, a senior in high school. I hope we can meet up'. That was way better than my first email that was about five hundred words.

I started to get nervous. Not knowing what I was expecting, but when fifteen minutes went by, and Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan didn't hear anything, I got worried. Just as I was going to log off, my email dinged. I attached a photo of myself and I want you to do the same. We will meet tomorrow, at seven, at Bella Luna.

If you don't know where that is, I will send directions. Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan will not accept any other excuse other Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Taloqan you are not interested, if you can't meet. See you tomorrow, Edward. Edward, let's see what you look like," I said out loud. Opening the picture and had me fall out of the chair.

I felt like an idiot, but I was able to pick myself off the floor. I don't know how long I sat there, but I couldn't stop looking at his face. He was the hottest man I had ever seen. His eyes were a shade of green I had never seen in my life, they looked fake. His hair looked like I had just pulled the shit out of it as I rode him. He had a five o'clock shadow, his jaw was so prominent and his adam's apple was so manly.

I hoped he wanted me as much as I wanted him in that moment. I went through all of my pictures and found the best one and sent it to him. I was so excited for the following day that I knew it was going to be hard to sleep. I knew school was going to go way too slow. With it being Friday and with this date I was screwed.

Waking up the next morning, I was happy about my four hours of sleep, but it surely wasn't enough.


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