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Subscribe to Mailing List. See locations and dates here. Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America. Girls in a university come from wealthy families by Guanajuato state's standards and wealthy people are more likely to be open to casual Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato. They feel freer and are looking to have a good time, Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato if you're in Guanajuato city during the school year, then I suppose it could be a good bang destination, and from everything I've read on the net, it is.

I just got back from very rural Guanajuato and also visited some nearby small cities. I would say right off the bat that in Guanajuato state hearby referred to as simply GTO the odds are against you.

Sure you might stick out more, and get more looks than back home, BUT Most women you might want are: At one point I was hitting on a 16 year old girl while her mother was listening next to her and encouraging her to reciprocate to me.

That was a classic "not in kansas anymore" moment. They seem difficult to get alone, and most girls seem to have rather depressed, apathetic personalities. Where's the peppy, bubbly, happy femenine energy I crave? The girls are easy enough to meet at first, and are usually very receptive, but I find that once I'm hanging out with them, they're just plain boring, and the interaction doesn't go anywhere.

I was only in GTO for a couple weeks. I met various women through introductions, cold approaches, social circle, etc.

I would say only two women out of all the women I met, I could Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato spend quality time with and have conversations.

Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato was twice my age Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato one was fat. So, my advice is to stear clear of GTO. I'm sure there are other parts of Mexico that are much better. The first week Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato the trip I was just thinking about this forum and other similar forums, and how it seems like a big collective, "the grass is greener" mentality.

I was looking around at all the fat people, the shitty streets, the unhealthy food and thinking I'd have to be crazy to actually decide to live there. I felt depressed a lot on Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato trip, and I kept remembering the time I lived in Spain, and how unpleasant that was after about nine months. I got really anxious while in Mexico, because I know that living in a foreign country is no cake walk, and the reason I was down there was to assess how it would be to live there.

Having said that all that, I'm extremely sad to be back home. I'm crying a lot. I've travelled to a lot of different places, but I've never been this emotional upon returning home. Coming back home from a trip now feels akin to failing. I should try harder next time, and try to make it so I never have to come back. I'd like to be in that town right now.

The town I was in had such a great community vibe to it, was very serene, close to nature, and I actually fell for a gordita the last night I was there. She had such a sweet personality and was so much fun I couldn't resist. It Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato to have to be back home after I finally connected with a nice girl.

I would say the main difference not Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato sound melodramatic is that that part of the world has heart. When I arrived back home I instantly had this sensation of oppression. I walked into my room to put my suitcase down, I took a look around the room, and I felt like I was entering a jail cell.

Just reflecting on my life here, I'm having really bad reverse culture shock. I end up spending way too much time on the computer. I'm stuck way out in the suburbs, no friends, can't even walk to get food anywhere. Everything is expensive, nothing interesting nearby Contrast that with my trip to Mexico, I must've made more friends in three weeks there than my entire life here, food was cheap, groceries were cheap, and I could walk to get them, and probably be warmly greeted by friends along the way.

Oh and they also had a grocery delivery person that would drive around town every morning selling fresh cheap groceries. I woke up to a recording of someone saying, "Lechuga! I'll have to put my heart back in its cage for the time being.

Find Your Foreign Sweetheart Now! Guanaguato is in indeed one of the most conservative state of the republic and home of the the extreme right wing of mexican politicsit might be to late to say this but we sort of mock this state for being super prudish and religious like the note below http: If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining. A bartender told me this while I was in Guadalajara Mexico: Nice Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato see you back here too, AnonymousAmerican.

I'm in my mid-twenties, 6'tall, white Irish background with brown hair and blueish eyes, I'm physically fit on the lean side. Catalogue of Falcon's threads and posts. There's a big Cristo Rey statue on the Sex dating wap site mobile. Last edited by polya on August 18th,9: If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with?

Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters. That being said, outside the red-light areas, Mexico isn't for banging. It's much more suitable for quality relationships, and Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato what I loved about it. Last edited by rudder on July 28th,7: Many women there are not fat in a good way at all. There is a serious obesity problem down there, which should be painfully obvious to anyone who has visited the area. It really depressed me to see that.

Mexico is actually the number one fattest country now. I visited Yucatan so I guess not really rural Mexico. Still, I understand what you mean by obesity epidemic.

I have been 'dating' a chubby but not obese Mexican girl who has a stomach which is not great. Also, she mentions that her friend who lives with her in a small house they rent is unable to find a guy. I saw her friend and then I realize that it is because her friend is fat obese and most guys in Mexico would just use her for money and other things or possibly just s. I think even about her who has a small chest and a stomach that does not help for having fun at night.

It honestly depressed me as well as she is supposed to doing a visit to a nutrion doctor and I am telling her that she needs to do weight watchers to really Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato losing weight but currently, I know she might be eating a little better but not really exercising. I exercise a few times a week which is low but I am able to keep the weight I want and I think she can do the same with practice.

Also the US to Mexicans is like the land of milk and honey in terms of interesting foods and other things such as technology. I had a small argument with the Mexicana about how Microsoft tablets such as the surface are rubbish and not really that good but she comments that I do not understand because she works for a company that gets their products and she should be loyal to the company even if the product is not good. I think that I am trying to find one Mexicana who is hopefully not really fat but it is low; especially they are thinking most American food is great which it is not.

Did you just tell her flat out, or did she start bringing up the topic herself, and Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato you just made some comments about diet and exercize.

It's not a mystery to me why so many of them are fat. I was thinking about that during my trip. Does anyone know the post I'm talking about? Would You Bang This Feminist? June 6th,7: October 4th,5: Top colibri Freshman Poster Posts: December 12th,4: Top theprimebait Junior Poster Posts: March 9th,8: I sort of felt he was warning the others not to do what your are claiming. Guanajuato is a very conservative state even for the mexican standard, If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato 22nd,6: November 7th, AnonymousAmerican has confirmed this. It's no surprise that many Anglo Americans here have commented on how Mexico doesn't offer easy dating for them at all. AmericanInMexico would be an exception, since he dates white Mexican women and doesn't seem to have that "gabacho" aura as Milf personals in Melun, but he does say that the mestizas "don't want anything to do" with him.

I had an Anglo friend who went to Michoacan, and said that a few of the local men likely returnee migrants had tried to pick fights with him. They would yell at him, "Why do you [Anglos] hate us so much?

Mexico isn't for everyone. As for me, this hasn't been my experience at all. You will definitely need 1 good Spanish conversational skills and 2 Latino-type charisma to open up these Central Mexican women a lot more during lengthier interactions. Coming from a Taiwanese background, I found them to Womens looking for sex in Guanajuato far more open, bubbly, and flirty than middle-class NE Asian women and not at all "depressed" or "apathetic.

Mexican women are curvier in a good way. Americans are oversized in a more grotesque way, while the Mexicanas tend to have their fat much better distributed.


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